I am a couch potato….well, until today!

So apparently I underestimated by ability to eat.  Because all of the previously mentioned food that should have lasted awhile lasted, oh, about three days.  At least I worked out tonight.  And realized how out of shape I am.  Goodness, I am out of shape.  Before having kids, I ran or walked at least 4 times a week.  Now, I have barely worked out in over 2 years.  EEK!

After eating an enormous amount of food, I watched a marathon of the Biggest Loser today.  Which made me realize that it was time for me get back in shape.  I want to wait like 2 years before getting pregnant again, so I actually have time to see results.  It actually felt great to work out.  Except for I have a headache due to the lack of oxygen getting to my brain, due to the lack of space in my lungs, due to me being totally out of shape!  I figure that with working out and breastfeeding (a proven weight loss tool in my life), I should whip into shape quickly.  We’ll see.  I might need another Biggest Loser marathon to kick start me again in a few weeks!

Speaking of marathons, did anyone catch VH1’s Best of the 90s music marathon??  (Are you noticing a pattern of too much TV watching.  I get sucked in.)  I thought I was pretty out of the loop in the 90s.  That was my junior high and high school years.  I would have considered myself quite nerdy and unknowledgeable in regards to pop culture.  According to my memory, I only listened to Christian music.  According to how well I knew every song from 100 to 1, my memory does not serve me right.  I must have been a little more hip than I thought.  But, oh, how I took a walk down memory lane.  This won’t be sappy, I promise.  It was just so fun to revisit my past through the music.  Like most people, I did a lot of stupid things in junior high and high school.  But, I also had a lot of fun when I was not being an idiot.  Its funny how music can take you back to where you were when you first heard it (or played it often).

And speaking of music, I may have already said this (forgive me, Caleb has been sick and wakes up like every hour during the night….so I am a wee bit tired).  Caleb, as you know, got a guitar for Christmas.  Well, we have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom that is about his height.  He took the toilet paper off (Brett helped me, so he wouldnt just unravel it all) so he could use the holder as a microphone.  I think I have a picture, so I will be sure to upload it.  It is so precious.

I did not take too many pictures of Christmas, sadly.  I was too busy video taping it.  Which I suppose is better.

Well, I am off to bed.  That work out kicked my butt!!  I may not be able to get out of bed in the morning, though.


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