Because you were wondering….

Today the family and I went to Target to return an item and buy a few groceries.  Brett was getting Chloe out of the car.  Her sock had fallen off.  While putting it back on, he said, “I am putting your sock on so you will not have cold feet, because we would not want that.  Unless it’s your wedding day, in which I hope you have cold feet.  And when you do, I will be the one to drive you away.  You can come back home and live forever.”

The elliptical arrived.  It took us quite awhile to put together, but it is good to go.  For my first workout, it totally kicked my butt.  Apparently, I am way more out of shape than I imagined.  I love having it, though.
My dishes also came, and I love them.  I am happy with my decision to go with the all white.  And, as luck would have it, one has already been broken.  We had $7 dishes (as in the whole set cost $7…..and it was a 32 piece set!) that never once broke.  We have nice dishes for 4 days, and one is already broken.  The reason is because they are a little more difficult to grip.  They aren’t normal flat plates.  Rather they curl up around the rim (sort of like a really shallow bowl).  So when taking them out of the cabinet, one has to be more careful.  And said “one” was not exactly careful.  But so goes life.  Dishes break.  Even nice ones.  Unfortunately.

And another event of the week was that our vacuum died.  I mean, its like a $60 machine that Brett bought before we were ever married.  So we definitely got our money’s worth.  Our carpet requires vacuuming on a regular basis, so I had to go buy a new one.  Fortunately, I had a Costco bonus check, so it was like getting it 50% off.  And I have been on a vacuuming kick ever since!  I had to restrain myself last night not to vacuum the stairs (I needed to rest; it had been a long week).  The vacuum is not a super expensive one (maybe it was $90, which compared to the Dyson I dream of owning, is relatively inexpensive), but it works wonderfully well.  Its way better than our old one, which tells me it should have been replaced awhile ago!  New things make an old chore fun again.  A least for a few days.

Both of my children are no longer sick, which is nice.  It is so sad when they feel yucky.

Well….I think I am going to go vacuum…..just kidding…..sort of.

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Excitement is in the air. Along with a bitter chill.

Today (as you can tell by my title) is an exciting day. Not only is one of my Christmas presents arriving, but TWO are coming. IN THE SAME DAY.

Between 1-5 pm, the nice man will deliver this fine piece of equipment. And, yes, it will be a man. The thing weighs over 200 lbs.

And when the UPS man comes, which is usually around lunchtime or shortly thereafter, my kitchen will receive a mini-makeover with these fine pieces of dinnerware.

It is going to be an exciting day. Plus, it is laundry day. And who does not like clean clothes? (Laundry optimism, people, optimism).

The excitement cannot be contained. But before that all ensues, let me share some stories with you.

Brett cuts Caleb’s hair with clippers (while I hold him. Caleb, not Brett). Caleb has a toy saw that came with his tool set. Yesterday, he kept trying to give me a trim with the saw. It was so cute. He tried and tried. But to no avail. Luckily.

We have this book about a child art prodigy, Akiane. Its a fascinating story (you can Google her). In it, there is a painting of Jesus. Caleb picks up the book, puts his hand on his head (if you remember, thats also how he prays….so its his “sign” for Jesus), and says, “Jes-“. So, we open the book for him to Jesus’ picture. And Caleb kisses him! Everytime. And thats the only picture he has ever kissed. Oh my, adorable.

Have a great day. Know that I will be washing lots of dishes, doing loads of laundry, and spending a few hours really frustrated while trying to put together a fine piece of exercise machinery. All the while loving my kids, playing with them, and eventually cooking some dinner. Life is grand.

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Pictures galore

Some new pictures! These are unedited. Because if I edit them on my desktop (where I have my editing software), they save as much bigger files than on my laptop. Not sure why?!

Both of my children before church last week:

Caleb using the toilet paper as his microphone and rocking out on his guitar.

Chloe snuggling Brett

Brett reading to Caleb

Chloe fell asleep in her bouncy seat (Caleb never did this!)

Cool dude before church

This is the aftermath of eating a chocolate chip granola bar

Have a Happy Sunday!!!

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As of late…

This week has been fairly uneventful but a very good week. You know those weeks where you are in a good mood (most of the time), things are going well, nothing too bad happens, etc. Thats the week I had. Nothing spectacular, just enjoyable.

I have also accomplished a lot this week….like big projects I had been putting off. I finally organized our budget. Which is annoying…..our gas bill is like $22 in the summer but like $300 in the winter. I have my heat on 69….the lowest it can go before we freeze (our house does not heat well, I think). With two small children, cutting back on heat is an impossible way to “be green”. I dont mind being cold, but I refuse to let my little ones freeze. I just wish gas was not so expensive. Shoot, I could have a big savings if gas prices were normal. But who isnt complaining about that?

We started recycling this week. I tried to do it awhile back but long story short, we did not have the correct contact number. So that is my new way to work on saving the environment. I am considering using reusable grocery bags (like canvas bags). In my defense, I do re-use the plastic bags for diapers, etc. But it just seems better to use re-usable ones on occasion. However, I am not sure if I am up to lugging them to the store with me…..and have at least one kid in tow.

What are you doing to be more environmentally friendly??

I plan to switch to environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, as mine run out. Except in the bathroom. I am too grossed out and need a good bacteria fighting cleaner! Its the little things! I am not super environmentally conscious, but I do feel like its wise to be more thoughtful on things that are easily changeable.

When I started this post, I had no intention of getting on that topic!

Have a nice Saturday. I keep thinking its Sunday. Not sure why!


Picture time again. Twice in one week. I am on a roll. Sorry the pictures are so large.  I am not sure why that is!My sister gave this to Caleb. Its the coolest toy. He paints with water, then the painting goes away once the water evaporates. He has fun. I have no mess to clean up (besides water, which is easy). I highly recommend this for toddlers!PhotobucketChloe turned four months yesterday. Here is some photos from her 4-month shoot:PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketleb wanting “cheese” (picture) since Chloe was having her picture taken…PhotobucketAnd….oh my….how fast the time goes. Caleb at 4 months and Caleb now:Photobucket

Fun Giveaway

Check out this giveaway: a cool agenda for you, mommas!!! 

Picture time!

Picture time!!

The weather was gorgeous this past weekend, so we went to the park to play…..


My mom and Caleb

Caleb and me sliding

My sister holding a bundled Chloe….it was windy!

My sister



The group minus me. Not quite sure what my lil sis is doing!

My kids playing today. And they were still in their jammies!



Caleb was running circles around her. It was cute!!

I love this face!!