This has been an exciting weekend. I am really worn out. I even had a two hour nap today, and I am still really tired. My family (minus my brothers) were all here, and we had a really great time!! It was too quick of a weekend, though. I enjoy my family so much, so I hate it when they have to leave. I had a meeting Saturday morning, so that may be one reason it seemed so short to me. My sister watched all the kids while my parents took Brett and me out for sushi. I haven’t had real sushi since before getting pregnant with Chloe, so it was heavenly. Plus, it was fun to have some adult conversation. My parents also bought us an elliptical, which excites me to no end. I quit my gym membership last month, and now Brett will quit his. And I am the type of person who will actually use exercise equipment if I have it. We are not quite sure where we will put it. We have room on our main level. It will be an eye sore, and we run the risk of Caleb playing with it. It would potentially fit in our basement, but the ceilings are too low for Brett. Hopefully we can fit it in our guest room, but we are not sure if there is room. We will make it work somewhere!

As you may know, Brett and I raise our own salary for him to be able to do ministry full time. Well, one of his friends gave us a bunch of people we could contact as potential financial partners. We were supposed to have a meeting with a woman tomorrow afternoon to share with her about our ministry. Today, at church, Brett mentioned to the guy that we were meeting with the lady tomorrow. He was like, “Do you realize she lives in Oklahoma City?” (which is about 5 hours away). Somehow, in multiple conversations, that point was left out. She asked us to meet at a Starbucks near her school. We could not find the Starbucks she was talking about, but her directions were vague…..so we planned to call her today to confirm and figure out exactly where the Starbucks is. Anyway, we had a really good laugh about it! The funniest part is that the same interstate that runs through our city also runs through OKC, so we may have been in real trouble LOL.

Today was a sad day in the life of being a mom. My little sweet girl moved up a diaper size. Her chubby buns are now in a size 3 diaper. It was time for her to move up about a week ago, but I really wanted to use up all the diapers before making the switch. I am in a big “be not wasteful” stage. I am really big into using things to their full potential. Which means using ALL of my diapers. Even if it means having to clean a lot of clothes because they cannot contain Chloe’s mess. So, I used a lot of OxyClean, too, but hey, her last size 2 diaper will be on her bottom tonight. And tomorrow starts size 3.

It’s a little known fact that my kids are the best dressed kids on the planet. No thanks to me. I just get really awesome hand-me-downs. My sister, Melissa, and my friend, Carol, keep Caleb dressed super cute. And my friend, Melissa, keeps Chloe looking adorable. I am so thankful for hand-me-downs. Some people may not like them, but I think they are such a huge blessing. The best part is that all three of my peeps have the same taste as me, so it is clothes that I would actually pick. God blesses me so much.

Well, I think I am going to go to bed. I just finished cleaning up. We had 5 extra people in the house this weekend, so it got pretty messy. Its worth it, though, to see my family (Plus, you know I love to clean!).

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