Excitement is in the air. Along with a bitter chill.

Today (as you can tell by my title) is an exciting day. Not only is one of my Christmas presents arriving, but TWO are coming. IN THE SAME DAY.

Between 1-5 pm, the nice man will deliver this fine piece of equipment. And, yes, it will be a man. The thing weighs over 200 lbs.

And when the UPS man comes, which is usually around lunchtime or shortly thereafter, my kitchen will receive a mini-makeover with these fine pieces of dinnerware.

It is going to be an exciting day. Plus, it is laundry day. And who does not like clean clothes? (Laundry optimism, people, optimism).

The excitement cannot be contained. But before that all ensues, let me share some stories with you.

Brett cuts Caleb’s hair with clippers (while I hold him. Caleb, not Brett). Caleb has a toy saw that came with his tool set. Yesterday, he kept trying to give me a trim with the saw. It was so cute. He tried and tried. But to no avail. Luckily.

We have this book about a child art prodigy, Akiane. Its a fascinating story (you can Google her). In it, there is a painting of Jesus. Caleb picks up the book, puts his hand on his head (if you remember, thats also how he prays….so its his “sign” for Jesus), and says, “Jes-“. So, we open the book for him to Jesus’ picture. And Caleb kisses him! Everytime. And thats the only picture he has ever kissed. Oh my, adorable.

Have a great day. Know that I will be washing lots of dishes, doing loads of laundry, and spending a few hours really frustrated while trying to put together a fine piece of exercise machinery. All the while loving my kids, playing with them, and eventually cooking some dinner. Life is grand.

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One Response to “Excitement is in the air. Along with a bitter chill.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    That does sound like a pretty good day. šŸ™‚ And quite exciting with all your new presents…have fun!

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