25 Things for my last day as a 25-year old

In honor of my last day of being 25, I am going to tell you 25 things about me that you may not know.  Or you may know.  I will try to think of things I have not written on here yet (on those taggy things).

1. I really really like to celebrate my birthday (I blame my mom…in a good way).
2.  My whole life I wanted to be a wife and a mom.  I never thought it would happen by the time I turned 25, but it did.  And I am really happy about that.
3.  My favorite foods are sushi, pizza, and chips with salsa.
4.  In my adult life (well and in my teenage years), I have never gone a day without showering. Not one.
5.  I like to send people hand-written cards.
6.  I hardly ever answer my cell phone when it rings.  It is nothing personal.  I prefer to only talk on the phone when I can devote my whole attention to it.  (I am trying to improve on this, though)
7.  Proper English is really important to me.  Except for when I blog or e-mail.  I commit so many errors that it would make an English scholar cringe.
8.  I hate flying more than most things in life.
9.  Until I got pregnant the first time, I never liked ice cream.
10.  I also did not remember my dreams until I got pregnant.
11.  Pregnancy did a lot of weird things, as you can tell.  Including make my hair turn curly.
12.  One of my favorite media personalities is Dennis Miller.
13.  Even though I rarely get anything fun, I anticipate getting the mail everyday (on the off chance I get something fun).
14.  I check on my kids every night before I go to bed.
15.  I want to write a book one day.  However, I sort of lack the creativity.
16.  The things I want to do in life would be impossible without God.
17.  I downplay how amazing my husband is because I do not want others to think less of their husbands.  I know that is weird, but I do….even my bragging on here is pretty minimal.  He is not perfect, of course, but I do my best to focus only on the positives (which is pretty easy).  I think thats the secret to thinking so highly of him.
18.  Part of the reason I like having blonde hair is that I cannot see it on the bathroom counter. Hair, even my own, grosses me out.
19.  I really enjoy drinking Diet Coke, and I think it tastes best from QuikTrip.
20.  I watch Wheel of Fortune.  Every night (almost).
21.  I never want to be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune, because if I did not win, I would always regret it.  Sad, I know.
22.  “The Biggest Loser” is really inspiring to me and makes me cry sometimes.  I think that show is why I started working out again.  That and my muffin top.
23.  I want two more kids.  Brett wants three more.  We’ll probably end up with five (total, not five more).
24.  I buy Girl Scout cookies partly because they are good and partly because I was once a Girl Scout and it really hurt my feelings when people would not buy a box.  (That was a run-on sentence if I have ever seen one).
25. I do not like to watch the news because it is so depressing.

There you have it.  This time next year, maybe I will have 26 things to tell you.  Don’t you wish I was a little older so you could find out some more stuff about me?

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3 Responses to “25 Things for my last day as a 25-year old”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Happy Birthday…almost. 🙂 That was a fun list…I always love learning new things about people.

  2. Daneen Says:

    You are adorable, my friend; I enjoyed this immensely. I’m pretty certain I won’t be able to come up with 40 creative facts for my big day in April…

    I can’t believe you are only 25… or 26 when you will likely read this. You seem more mature than any 26 year old I know. d

  3. Michele Says:

    Loved it. I also really like birthdays (you should change to birthday-week, why only celebrate for 24 hours?) and diet coke (although I like McDonalds – it’s the ice, I think) and I never say no to a girl scout when offered cookies. Maybe THAT’s why I gain 5 pounds every Spring? Hmmmm.

    Happy Birthday (a day…or so… late)

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