My Birthday Celebration. Sort of.

My birthday was really fun! Brett and I went on a date to Carraba’s (which, Still_Groovy, does your son work there? I saw a guy that looked a lot like him!). This next story is not funny at all, but it made for an interesting dinner.

We were enjoying the delightful food that is Carraba’s. Towards the end of our dinner, the lady at the table next to us passed out. She had a nurse and her husband with her, so she must have health problems. I am not joking when I say I thought she had died, and I about panicked. I have never been faced with that situation, and it was really weird. They had to call an ambulance. She came back to, so I think she is ok. The husband and nurse were really calm. I was freaking out (in my mind) more than them! An interesting dinner, to say the least.

This is sort of funny too. Brett laughed (at me, not with me) when I told him, but I thought it was a funny coincidence. My favorite show on Friday nights is “Psych”. Last time was one of the main character’s birthday on the show. So the whole episode was about his birthday celebration! Ok, now that I write it, it sounds stupid. On Jeopardy, they also had a question about James Dean, who shares my birthday.

And now for the best gifts I have ever received….some pictures of my sweet kids…

Chloe’s face is so cute in this. (Sorry I cannot figure out how to resize it?!)



Not so much liking the kiss?

Cheesing it up!

Chloe looks tall when Caleb bends his legs!


So sweet (and do boys have food on their faces all day? It sure seems that way)

Nothing is sacred in a toddler’s home. This is Caleb’s guitar stand and his microphone. Hope no one needs toilet paper! I just think it is hilarious how he sees that rockers put their guitars on stands, so he came up with this.

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One Response to “My Birthday Celebration. Sort of.”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I’m glad you were able to celebrate (even with the slightly weird dinner). The kiddos looks as cute as ever and I love seeing Chloe start to make faces like a real person. 🙂

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