Chips and Salsa

Have you seen that crescent roll commercial?  Where the dad is telling his daughter why a boy at school is picking on her (Its because he is flaky on the outside but soft on the inside)?
Tonight, after seeing that commercial, Brett said, “I will never tell my daughter that a boy is picking on her because he likes her.  I will say he’s a butthead (well, his choice word started with an “a”) and does not deserve you.  You are worth a guy who is man enough to treat you right.”  I think he said a few other things.
I am in love with that man.  Oh, he spoke at a high school girls’ conference this weekend.  He did an amazing job.  Maybe I will blog on that later.

In other news….

The thing I miss most about being pregnant: eating a large amount of chips and salsa and convincing myself that its all going to my baby.  Now, its all going to my belly.  But there is no baby to blame.  Let’s just pretend I am celebrating the fact that the pants I wore to church today I bought in 2003.  Which is on one hand sad that I still own pants from 2003, but I am looking at the bright side that two kids later, they still fit.

And let’s also celebrate the fact that my mother-in-law and Granny-in-law sent me money for my birthday.  How sweet are they.  As much as I love receiving gifts, plain ole money is sometimes a blessing, as well.  Both my mother-in-law and my Granny-in-law are good about picking out stuff I like….especially since they know me better.  When Brett and I were first together, it was a little more difficult for them, which is to be expected.

I will blog another day what my parents got me for my birthday.  It has not arrived yet.  And it will require photos.  Oh, the suspense!

Its 11:11.  I have MOPS in the morning.  Woo hoo.  That is the highlight of my week!!  So I should head to bed.  With a full stomach of chips and salsa.

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One Response to “Chips and Salsa”

  1. John Says:

    I think that the crescent roll commercial is CREEPY! Imagine a young girl griping about a boy at school and her father compares the said boy to a delicious piece of of bread which he promptly shoves in his mouth (The underlying message is that teenage boys are delicious morsels that even fathers cannot resist)!!! This advertisement is begging for us to send our daughters to years of expensive threrapy.

    The right way to handle this situation is to:
    Daughter: Some stupid boy is giving me hell at school.
    Dad: You see this crescent roll? When I finish eating this, I will kick that boy’s butt and make him wish he never crossed you path.
    Daughter: I love you!
    Pillsbury Doughboy: Man up with my crescent rolls!

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