Two days ago was my big one year anniversary with the xanga domain name. I have been on xanga longer; I just switched names at one point.

In order to celebrate, I thought I might share some recent pictures. They probably look just like last week’s recent pictures….but to a proud mom, they are new and fun!

Another attempt to get a cute picture of the babes together. Caleb loves the camera, but Chloe cannot really move! Well, until Caleb moves out of the way, and she falls over (just onto the couch, so we’re ok):

Chloe is five months old. Here are some photos from that photo shoot:



Some friends came and stayed with us. I have not blogged about that, but it was really fun! Here is their baby, Selah, with Chloe. They enjoyed holding hands!


Caleb making a funny face

Caleb wanting a part of the 5 month photo shoot. He would be 23 months.

My children with me (with no make-up and greasy hair. A mom at her finest, if you will)

It has been a busy week!! Everything has been really fun. It started with our friends, Wayne and Katie, coming to hang out and stay the night. We enjoyed some good coffee, some good conversation, and some good food (Thanks, W & K!!). It was so cute watching our babies play together. They are only a few weeks apart.

Tuesday was errands day (except that it was at night). That is always fun. Brett went with me to get fabric, and he was impressed by how serious women take their fabric. Oh, I also had my college girls’ small group meeting, which is always great.

Wednesday, I went to a sewing party with two friends. And, yes, sewing is a party! I made a make-up bag. Well, actually I messed up a make-up bag, but it is functional.

Brett worked like 16 hours on Wednesday. I was glad the sewing party made the day go by faster! The kids did great, though. They are so awesome!!

Thursday, I met a friend at the mall for our kids to play (there is a play area). We have kids the same ages and have a lot in common. I really enjoyed hanging out with her!

Valentines is pretty low key for us. Our anniversary is soon, so we just stay in and eat dinner at home. I did win an online giveaway that I was really hoping to win, so that is a treat! We did go out and get ice cream after the kids went to bed (well, I went to get it while he stayed home with our sleeping kids).

That is my week, in a nutshell. Busy busy. I am tired. But its been really fun, so no complaints here!!

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  1. lucashannon Says:

    A sewing party sounds like tons of fun! Did everyone have their own sewing machine? How did the party work exactly?

  2. Marie King Says:

    Your kiddos are getting so big! I need to see them sometime soon!

    I am glad to hear that all is going well, and for the record, I think the pic with you and the kids is beautiful.

    Take care

    Peace Out


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