Being a Personal Shopper is Fun!

On Friday, I became my mom’s personal shopper.  Long story short, she wanted me to pick her up some boots at the mall.  I went to many different stores in two different malls.  My last stop was Dillards, where I found two pairs of boots that were her size and a third pair that was a little big but were her first choice of boots.  I bought all three, because in the good ole US of A, no sale is ever final (well, sometimes). 

I got home and tried on the pair that were probably going to be too big for my mom.  Lo and behold, they fit me perfectly.  Which means they would be huge on my mom.  She was very disappointed, so I called the Dillards in her town….and they had the same pair in her size (why she did not go there first is too long of a story to tell).  I bought them over the phone, and she and my dad went to pick them up later in the day. 

Because of my efforts of locating the perfect winter boot, she let me keep the said boots.  So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you……my beautiful, comfortable new black Michael Kors boots…..originally $250 marked down to $62.  My old boots are happily retired (They’ve been tight ever since having kids)……


I had to get them approved my sister (aka my fashion guide).  She wrote back, “Are those the Regina boots?”  I wanted the same pair but they were out of my size.  So, being the personal shopper that I now am (heck, it pays well LOL), I called three Dillards stores but no luck.  They are gone.  I was tickled that my mom is fashionable enough to pick out the same boots as my NYC high fashion sister! 


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