Let It Snow. Let It Snow. But please quit soon.

It is Snowing. Again.

It is snowing again. Brett went to church. He was preaching today, and he helps set up…..so he went earlier than I usually go. He called to tell me to stay home because the roads were not cleared yet. Its just too risky with the little ones. It was a pretty boring morning, but it was pretty relaxing. Our church is small. Its a fairly new church. There are nine children. Of those nine children, my sweet Lulu (aka Chloe) is the only girl. Two of my friends who go to our church are also pregnant. One girl is not finding out what she is having. The other girl just found out this week she is having a boy. I am very excited for them!! So now the count is 10 boys. My sweet girl. Good thing Brett owns a lot of guns. Although I do think my other friend is having a girl. So hopefully that will make the count 10 boys. Two sweet girls. Of course, if Caleb keeps up his current record of pestering his younger sister, she will be tough. He is so sweet to her and loves her so much. He just does not know how to be gentle. Or that it hurts to have your eyes poked repeatedly throughout the day. Caleb is such a great kid and really is trying to love on his sister! It melts my heart. Having two kids just gets more fun every day. Caleb is just hilarious. He is so observant. When reading a book, he notices the smallest details. When we are out in public, he sits back and watches everyone. Once he is more comfortable, he plays. I love that about him. Chloe is a very active infant. She kicks her legs constantly and rolls over a lot. However, she hates being on her stomach. So she screams when she’s been on her tummy too long (even though she can roll back over). She laughs all the time. She is total extrovert. When I hold her, she has to face out to see the people. We watched our friend’s son last night, who is just a few weeks younger than Caleb. No lie: they laughed with each other for like 2 hours straight. It was pure entertainment watching them interact. We have been friends (with the parents) since before either of us ever had kids, so it is so fun to see our children grow up together. They just started playing and interacting together recently. They get along really well, and the parents raise their kids similarly to us. Its really great to have friends like that. Well, domestic chores, such as planning meals for the week, are calling my name!

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2 Responses to “Let It Snow. Let It Snow. But please quit soon.”

  1. Melissa Says:

    My husband said to tell you amen on Brett owning a lot of guns! He’s big on guns and all of that good stuff! I’m thinking that your hubby and mine need to start talking too! So-how old is your Chloe? Ours is 2 1/2. She will be 3 in July.

  2. Alison Says:

    Yeah, I think we are talking about the same 6 years! It’s really nice to live in the real world again! You’re right, God is so so faithful to heal those wounds.

    By the way, I LOVE reading your blog. You make me so excited about being a wife and mother one day! I did not have the best marriage examples around me as a kid, and it’s nice to know that a genuine loving relationship really exist.

    Thank you!

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