This is round two of posting these pictures. It would not work, for some reason, yesterday!! Only the web address would show up?!

Here are pictures from Caleb’s birthday! I cannot believe my little boy is turning 2 on Monday. As cliche as it sounds, the time has just flown by. It makes my heart sad to know he is growing so fast, but it is so joyous to see him change and grow and just get sweeter and cuter every day!

Caleb’s two cousins also turn 2 this month (in February….Caleb’s b-day is in March, but they were all born within a month of each other!). We all celebrated together!

The birthday party was at a gymnastics place. Here are all the birthday goers:

Brett and Caleb:

Enjoying his cupcake:

My precious boy and me (can you see my highlights?):

Caleb loved the trampoline:

And the rings:

Our family at the party:

Chloe taking a break….she fell asleep sitting upright, while my dad held her:

Lylia and Caleb having fun on the parachute (he would not go without her):

After the party, my parents’ Chinese friends cooked us an authentic meal. It was delicious. The best thing, in my opinion, was a cabbage dish they made. I know cabbage gives babies gas, so I only ate a little. But I could have eaten the entire entree!! It was delicious!

The 2-year olds at the restaurant:

This is not from the weekend, but I thought it was hilarious. Caleb likes to accessorize with hats and glasses.

We had a great time celebrating our son!!!

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  1. lucashannon Says:

    That looks like it was a rockin’ Birthday Party and I love Caleb’s shirts…”I want to rock”. So cute. 🙂

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