Because a day is too long to wait for the preciousness that is my little Easter babes:


…there is more to come…..


Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!

It has been awhile since my last post. I have a good excuse.

My mom, little sister, my kids, and I all went on Spring Break this past week. We went to visit my aunt in Indiana, then we went to St. Louis. It was quite an adventure. My mom, Caleb, Chloe, and I all got a stomach bug. My mom and my bug overlapped, so that was interesting trying to watch three kids while feeling very ill. Luckily, the bug passed fairly quickly!! Caleb and Chloe got it really mildly, so that was good.

Besides our sickness, the trip was really fun. Quite a nice break from our normal routine. I enjoyed seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My cousins are 5 and 6, and they are just so cute and sweet. I loved spending time with my little sister. She is in a stage where she thinks having me as a sister is so cool. Everywhere we go, she will say, “This is my sissy.” It melts my heart. I know it will not last forever, so I enjoy it while I can. Every once in awhile she says, “Let’s pretend you’re my mom and [mom] is my grandma.” Funny girl. It was also really great hanging out with my mom. We have gotten really close in recent years, so it is great to spend time with her.

When I returned from the trip, my week(end) was a whirlwind! I had a ton of stuff to do. It was mostly administrative stuff for our ministry and some things for MOPS. It just all happened to fall within the same few days.

Today was a pretty relaxing day, so it was a nice break. We, of course, went to church….then a lot of the church folks went to our pastor’s house for a potluck lunch. The food was yummy. It was no Chinese like tinybutterfly’s family ate (which, by the way, that is such a fun tradition)….but still delightful. Speaking of that, TB has inspired me to come up with family traditions that are unique and fun. I am excited for my children to get a little older, so that they actually enjoy the traditions. In the meantime, I am going to think of some that sound fun….and then, of course, let others develop over time!

Well, Brett just got home from visiting a lady at the hospital. He went to pray for her! We are going to watch a movie.

I will be posting pictures soon!

I am officially a mom

I was officially initiated into the Mother’s Club last night. After Caleb’s bath last night, I dressed him, and as usual, we were snuggling before he gets into bed (I hold him. He puts his arms around me and lays his head on my shoulder). This is my most favorite time of night. Last night, while snuggling, he just puked all over me. It did not help that he had had milk and Oreo’s after dinner last night. Any one who has ever seen milk come back up knows that it had curdled by that time. For as weak of a stomach that I have, I actually did not even as much as gag. Which, if you know me well, that is quite a feat! I have always wondered how I would react to my child’s puke. And now I know. I handle it way better than I would have ever thought!

In case you’re wondering, he threw up one more time that night…..but has been fine ever since.

Ironically, Caleb had a doctor’s appointment today, and so did Chloe. They each had their well baby visit. Both are doing well :). Caleb is in the 25% for size, while Chloe is in the 75%. Caleb used to be higher on the charts but has steadily declined, and actually Chloe has gone down a tad.

I printed off all of my old xanga entries. I had not done that since July 2007. It is fun to go back and read things I wrote about. I would not have remembered a lot of the stories, if it weren’t for blogging about them.

Tonight, for dessert, I made fried bananas. I have not had those since high school, so it was a fun little walk down memory lane. My dad used to make them all the time. I had forgotten about them, until Brett mentioned grilling bananas.

Today was the most gorgeous day outside!!! We have been outside a lot of the day, and we went on a walk. So fun.

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March 3

Today is a special day to me.

Not only is it my wonderful, awesome, precious, sweet, funny son, Caleb’s 2nd Birthday…..

….but today is the day I heard the words that would forever change my life (for the better, of course):

“The reason I asked you to go to lunch with me today is that I am going back home to Kansas City in a few days.  Would it be ok if I called you more when I got back home?”

Of course, I said yes to what would become my husband.

And, by the way, we went from that statement to exclusively dating on that same lunch date :).