I am officially a mom

I was officially initiated into the Mother’s Club last night. After Caleb’s bath last night, I dressed him, and as usual, we were snuggling before he gets into bed (I hold him. He puts his arms around me and lays his head on my shoulder). This is my most favorite time of night. Last night, while snuggling, he just puked all over me. It did not help that he had had milk and Oreo’s after dinner last night. Any one who has ever seen milk come back up knows that it had curdled by that time. For as weak of a stomach that I have, I actually did not even as much as gag. Which, if you know me well, that is quite a feat! I have always wondered how I would react to my child’s puke. And now I know. I handle it way better than I would have ever thought!

In case you’re wondering, he threw up one more time that night…..but has been fine ever since.

Ironically, Caleb had a doctor’s appointment today, and so did Chloe. They each had their well baby visit. Both are doing well :). Caleb is in the 25% for size, while Chloe is in the 75%. Caleb used to be higher on the charts but has steadily declined, and actually Chloe has gone down a tad.

I printed off all of my old xanga entries. I had not done that since July 2007. It is fun to go back and read things I wrote about. I would not have remembered a lot of the stories, if it weren’t for blogging about them.

Tonight, for dessert, I made fried bananas. I have not had those since high school, so it was a fun little walk down memory lane. My dad used to make them all the time. I had forgotten about them, until Brett mentioned grilling bananas.

Today was the most gorgeous day outside!!! We have been outside a lot of the day, and we went on a walk. So fun.

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One Response to “I am officially a mom”

  1. lucashannon Says:

    Wow…puking on you…you are a mom. 🙂

    We’re moving to Princeton in the fall for Lucas to continue with more school there. We posted some blogs about so take a look. 🙂 It was the last time we’ll see Mutemath here in Vancouver because we’re heading home to Missouri for part of the summer and then off to the east coast…

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