15 Things To Write

Would you like to hear a recap of some recent events in my life?  Probably not, but since I do not journal, this is my way of recording them!  They are in no particular order, and I may leave out some important things.  I doubt you’ll lose sleep over that, though.

1.  Chloe moved to her regular car seat yesterday.  She is officially out of the infant seat.  It was time.  She was way too heavy to carry in it!  She looks so tiny in her big car seat!  Caleb wanted to sit in it.  He likes new things!

2.  I wonder if Caleb is just mimicking me, or if he is going to be particular, like me.  He gets upset if we leave a room without turning off lights/tv/etc.  He likes to put his toys back where he found them (is he real?).  He enjoys cleaning.  Part of it is cute.  Part of me thinks I may clean too much.  But I usually only clean after they’re in bed.

3.  The terrific twos kicked in this week!  Caleb is still his awesome fun self, but he has become so much less reserved.  He runs away from me now (which he used to stick by my side, which was adorable).  He nosedives off the couch.  He does not always listen.  I love that he is growing, changing, and becoming a boy.  But sometimes I miss my little baby boy (who is no longer a baby).

4.  Yesterday’s featured question on xanga was “Should guns be illegal?” (or something to that point)  I did not want to get random xanga traffic, so I did not answer.  But all I could think of was that there is no way they can be illegal because we will need it in about 14 years.  If Brett’s height does not scare boys away (he is 6’6″), then I imagine a barrel of a gun will.  I joke.  Sort of.

5.  Last night, Brett and I wanted to go the library.  Note to self: if you have an infant and a toddler, its best not to go to the library.

6.  I have never particularly loved to read, but my whole life, I have always loved the library.

7.  Caleb started saying, “No” recently.  It is positively so cute the way he says it!

8.  Chloe can almost sit up on her own!!  Speaking of her, she hates baby food.  What is a mom to do?  She liked my homemade baby food, I think, so I suppose I will just make some more!

9.  My relationship with God has been really awesome lately.  God is awesome!

10.  I have really great friends.  I just feel so fortunate that God has placed really amazing people in my life.

11.  I am really seeking God for some direction and answers in a few areas….mainly for MOPS…I am excited to see Him come through.

12.  My little sister is 7 years old today.  A funny story.  The other day she was talking to my mom about her friend’s step mom.  My mom told Lylia that she does not have a step mom.  She said, “Yes, I do.  Sar is my step mom.”  Very sweet, even though she missed the correct definition!

13.  I say, “Sar” because that is how Lylia pronounces my name.  She calls me Sar James.  James is Caleb’s middle name, so sometimes I call him “Caleb James”.  I tell her, “My name is not Sarah James”.  She always replies, “Yes it is.  You are Sar James W(last name).”  James is no part of my name.  But she is really cute.

14.  I am enjoying Spring.  It is still a bit chilly, but I am getting ready to break out my flip flops and bermuda shorts (much to my sister’s chagrin).

15.  When I started this post, I thought I had some better stories.  I do.  They are just coming to my mind right now.

Have a great day!  Thanks for the comments on my pictures!  I love my children!!

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One Response to “15 Things To Write”

  1. Lisa from Kentucky Says:

    Your kids are precious. Your daughter looks just like a baby doll. Just darlin.

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