Oh, the joy…

Because one day of potty talk is not fascinating enough, let’s do it again today (I wrote another post that I did not actually post but it was about poop too). I walked into Caleb’s room after his nap to find that he has taken off his diaper (insert “he’s ready to pottytrain” advice hear that I will politely ignore for at least another month or two) and peed in his bed (he was out of his bed when I went in his room). 
I was about to leave to go have some time alone (thanks, Husband of mine), so I decided to wait to change the sheets until I got home.
So fast forward (my time alone was so refreshing but thats not near as interesting as potty talk). Because its such a nice day outside, I decide to open the windows in Caleb’s room to get the pee smell out. Which is when I discovered IT. What is it? A pile of poop. Yes, that is right. He peed in his bed, decided not to stay in it, and then pooped on the floor. What I would have done to been a fly on a wall (or better yet, inside his brain) to see his decision making process. 

I do a lot of things. Cleaning up poop is not one of them. So I called in the troops…..which consists of….well, Brett (thanks again, Husband of mine). 


One Response to “Oh, the joy…”

  1. hope Says:

    Hey, at least he didn’t play with this poop. Oh yes, ma’am Alanna has done that not once, but THREE times.

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