Life, it has been crazy.  As I mentioned before, everything is fun.  Just busy.

I am not even sure where to start on what has been going on.  So, instead, I will talk about the future.  Brett and I are leaving on Monday to go to a ministry conference in California.  It is impossible to convey how excited I am.  I am expecting this conference to impact my life in a dramatic way.

We are leaving our children.  They will be in the great hands of my sister and parents.  But I am so nervous!  Chloe is nursing exclusively and is not taking a bottle… that should be interesting.  My sister is the most nurturing person I know, so I know she (and Chloe) will be fine.  I am just not sure how I will be.  The thought of being away from my babies for four days is too much to think about.  However, the thought of four days of focusing on Jesus, spending time with my most favorite man on the planet, and seeing one of my very best friends from college is worth it!!  God is going to rock my world, and I am looking forward to that.  I am also looking forward to exclusive adult interaction.  And, I am also looking forward to getting spiritually and mentally refreshed.  Part of being a good mom is knowing when it is time to get away for a few days for refreshment.  It is good for me.  It is good for Brett.  And it is good for our children.

But I sure am going to miss them while I am gone.

We got our economic stimulus money today.  I was a little bummed because I thought I would get $600, but apparently, you have to have more income than I have.  Can you really put a price on my job as a mom and wife??  Surely, it would pay six figures, if life were fair!  We still got some money, which is always a blessing.  We plan to use some of the money to paint the walls in our home.  I have wanted to paint for a really long time, but the thought of it overwhelmed me.  However, I want my stark white walls painted so bad that we are finally going to do it!  My friend is going to help me pick out colors.  I am going with a neutral but noticeable color (in a brown tone) for most of the walls (we have an open floor plan).  One room will be a sage green color.  And the dining room will be a shade of red.  My friend is an interior decorator, so she will help me with exact colors (and let me know if my ideas will flow well or not).  I will post before and after pictures.  It may take us until 2009 to finish!  The hardest part with stuff like this is that I want to just get it done, but obviously with children, we will have to work during naps and bedtime!  Wish me luck!  Painting is not our thing, but I know the end product will be worth it!

My sister is flying in tomorrow.  YAY!!!  I just saw her last week, so it seems weird that I am seeing her again.  But all the same I am so excited.

We have people over about 3-4 nights a week, as I have mentioned before.  The best part about it (besides the fact that I enjoy having people over) is that my house stays really clean.  I deep clean usually sometime on the weekend (not every weekend), then maintain it during week.  School is out next week, so our students–for the most part–will be going home for the summer.  We will still do things with the students who stay around during the summer, but the consistency of having people over a lot during the week will fade.  The break is good, because by the fall, I am ready to start it all over again!

It is Brett’s birthday today.  We are mostly celebrating in California, but we did rent a movie (Martian Child….really great!) tonight and hang out!  He also hung out with some college guys today and celebrated!

I probably will not write until after my trip.  So have a great week!!!!!!!


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