An Update…..

Day 4:  Kitchen is done.  There is touch-up painting to be done.  Quite a bit, in fact.  It should not take long, though.  Also, the half bath in the kitchen has the first paint coat done, and I will finish that up tomorrow.  It is small, so it was very easy.  Painting near the toilet grossed me out, but I survived.

After tomorrow, we are taking a hiatus for a day or two.  Painting is consuming and tiring.  Plus, our house is a wreck.  So, I will finish the half bath tomorrow, and I will get the kitchen back in order.  I would do it tonight, but I can barely see straight.

I am so tired that I actually got on here to blog about something entirely different, but I totally forgot what it was.

Oh, wait, I now remember.  I am getting my hair highlighted and cut (nothing major) on Wednesday.  Which reminded me that 2007 will go down in history was the worst hair year of my life.  I may have already recapped the year, but it definitely would make VH1’s “Worst Year Ever” (does that show exist?  I know Best Year Ever does!).

January:  I find out two days before January that I am pregnant.  With pregnancy comes hormones.  Hormones that turn my hair curly.  Not a cute curly.  Just a pain in the rear curly.  (Not a literal pain in the rear, although, a few months more of pregnancy will bring such a significant pain in the rear that it is hard for me to walk….but I digress….)

Fortunately, hormones have effected my hair, but they have not effected my brain….yet.

August:  Possibly in the worst hair decision ever made (I never have had a perm, and I have never had bangs….so I was saved from those 80s/90s disasters), I decide to have my hair done at a beauty school.  Eight months pregnant.  Five hours of sitting.  Two hours of that under the hot dryer.  In August.  At 8 months pregnant.  And after all that, my hair comes out orange.

December:  The night before I leave for Brett’s cousin’s wedding, I get the bright idea that I should dye my own hair.  Being thrifty, this sounds like a good option.  Until it comes out looking like a spotted owl.  Or maybe a leopard.  Whichever is uglier.  I, then, make another bad decision in what is quickly proving to be the worst hair year ever and go really dark brown.

Me = meant to be a blonde.  Me = looks bad in brown hair.

Which all leads to my journey back to blonde.  Folks, it is a lot easier to turn blonde hair brown than to turn brown hair blonde.  Which is why it’s a journey.

A journey that shall end on Wednesday.  I hope.

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3 Responses to “An Update…..”

  1. Clayton Bell Says:

    HAHA…I tried to go brown for a moment a few years ago and never again. I am with you, I was meant to have blonde hair and found out the hard way!

  2. Kelly Says:

    ok, that was not my husband commenting about blonde hair, lol. It was logged in under his name, oops!

  3. Michele Says:

    meant to be a blonde
    my journey back to blonde

    LOL – those sound like they could be great book titles or at least blog titles. I think I could have an entire blog dedicated to the (many) color phases of my hair…and yet – I’m always wanting to get back to blond…

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