The Flatopper!

I am fairly certain that I have blogged about the “Flatopper” at the salon I go to. This is exactly the device you are thinking it is: a comb that is used to cut a perfect flatop. In case 1987 calls.

I did my best to snap a picture very discreetly with my phone. You know when you act like you are making a phone call, but you are really taking a picture. Oh, the generation we live in. When the Flatopper was last used, cell phones did not even exist. But Kid n Play sure did. And I thought they were cool.

After the long awaited anticipation, ladies and gents, I debut the flatopper…..

In other news, today was a super fun day. I attended a baby shower and a graduation party! So fun!! It was a busy day, but I even managed to get some painting in. Our living room is now done! Yay! No pictures yet, but we are making progress. Very slowly. Now that I see how much I love the paint, I wish we would not have waited so long to do it. (I know you are sick of hearing me talk about painting, but it is consuming much of my time right now… I will probably keep writing about it).

Something else consuming my time is the fact that I just walked upstairs to find Caleb sitting on the stairs in the dark. At 10 pm. Fully awake. The problem with his door is that the knob does not catch entirely, so the door comes open easily….and nothing will change that (unless I get the door fixed). I must come up with something!

When we drive in the car, Caleb’s seat faces forward, while Chloe’s faces backwards. So they can see each other pretty easily. Recently, they have started communicating a lot with one another while riding. Mostly, they just laugh and laugh and laugh at one another. Sometimes they scream back and forth. It really is the sweetest thing!!! I love watching them interact.

It warms my heart when my sweet kids play together. We have the occasional pushing Chloe over or stealing her toy (that is more than occasionally, actually), but for the most part, Caleb is so loving to Chloe. It will be so fun as they get older! Chloe is really close to crawling, which is exciting…..but she still has no teeth! It seems like she should by now, but I am enjoying not having bad teething experiences!

Brett is preaching at church tomorrow. I cannot wait to hear him. I love to hear him preach!!!!!


3 Responses to “The Flatopper!”

  1. hope Says:

    Okay, that’s really funny…. seriously, people still use that thing???

  2. lucashannon Says:

    I love that you secretly took a picture of that! And the talking between your kids sounds super cute. 🙂

  3. fullheartandhands mama Says:

    Funny picture.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend.

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