Some friends gave Caleb some bubble bath. The next morning when he woke up, he reeked! The scent would have been fine in moderation, but it was potent. Brett had given him a bath, so I figured the bubble bath was really stinky! All morning, I could barely get close to Caleb because he smelled so strong. I gave him a bath, but it did not really help. After his nap, he walks out of his room, carrying a bottle of my perfume. He had sprayed probably half the bottle all over himself. No wonder he smelled so strong!!!

I will be out of town for the weekend. I am taking Chloe, but Brett is keeping Caleb. They are having a man’s weekend. I will blog about my weekend upon my return home!

I have this weird compulsion that I have to clean the entire house before I leave town. I stayed up until 1 am. The whole time I knew that Caleb and Brett would be here all weekend, thus negating my reason for cleaning (I like to come home to a clean house). However, I could not stop!! Well, I did restrain myself. I did not mop and sweep the floor. It definitely needed it, but I was zapped!

Chloe is almost crawling. It is so cute to see her reach for stuff, but she gets SO frustrated when she cannot actually crawl.
Caleb is so sweet to Chloe. Today, he kept bringing her toys. Usually, he snatches toys from her, so it was cute to see him giving her toys.

I feel there is so much more to say, but I am so tired that my mind is not working!

I thought this post got deleted, but it did not. Yay! I thought this would take longer, but I scanned some pictures today, finally!! Painting has put a halt on my life, it feels like. Here are some pictures we had taken recently. It is the first time I have taken Caleb and Chloe to a professional place together!




(my scanner cut this off)






A freebie thing with our purchase…


One Response to “Life…”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Those pictures of the kids are too cute! Seriously you guys have the cutest kids in the world…at least until I have kids! 🙂

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