A few months ago, I bought a calendar for $1. It was the final day of a clearance, and because it was $1, I bought this calendar for Mom’s. I typically like that sort of thing, because after all, I am a mom. And err on the cheesy side of things from time to time. For the last couple of months, I have been hoping that each day the calendar would get better (it is one of those you rip off each day). And each day, I would be disappointed. Yesterday, I decided to read the entire calendar in one sitting then get rid of it. It never got better, but it is in the recycle bin now. I am not going to draw some life parallel or anything, but it is funny how it is hard to get rid of even the most annoying of things!

“In Christ Alone” by Avalon (or a million other artists) is currently my favorite song. It is amazing. The best 99 cents I have ever spent!

Is anyone else having an ant problem?? We have ant traps, and I kill some everyday with vinegar, but they keep coming back. A guy told us that it just happens when it rains. And it has been raining a lot here. We even lost power the other night around 9:30. For some reason, losing power makes me so nervous. Everything was fine. Brett and I actually enjoyed talking by candlelight. Then, it came back on while we were asleep. It was funny to see what we had forgotten to turn off!

My children used to sleep until 8 or 8:30. Starting this past week, they arise by 7. I do not do 7 am. So it has been quite a struggle. If I take a nap in the middle of the day, then I stay up late….and it starts a bad cycle. But if I do not take a nap, I am tired all day, which is also bad. Caleb is hilarious, though. He will wake up and some days and go down stairs and play on his own. Today, he ran full speed into my room. That boy makes me laugh so hard. He took his guitar with him to church on Sunday. Once he got there, he did not want to play it. But the whole way, he played along to the music in the car.

Caleb and Chloe are so funny together. Most of the time, they get a long really well. When in the stroller, Chloe leans forward to play with Caleb. He loves to play with her, too, and they laugh a lot. Caleb also makes Chloe laugh when she’s upset. And the cutest thing is that he will pray for her. He can only say, “Jesus,” but I have a feeling that means more than a lot of our word-y prayers!
But somtimes…..oh man, they can fight!! Caleb bulls right over her, but she can hold her own. They will be so funny as they grow.

Today actually promises to be a gorgeous day, so I am excited to play outside!!!!


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