Normally, I am not one to blog about deep issues that concern our world. In my personal life, there are a few social injustices that really break my heart. One injustice that I pray for is God to eradicate poverty in Kansas City (and everywhere else, too, but I pray for that which is close to home). I know it is a big problem, but God is a big God. Probably once my kids are older, I will hopefully be a part of the solution.

Anyway, that is not my point.

Back to social problems….I am not one to typically blog about them. I actually try to keep an optimistic view on the world. I do not believe that we were ever meant to know about every natural disaster, every crime committed, every baby kidnapped, etc. With widespread media, I feel like we know way to much about stuff… creates fear more than anything, in my opinion.

Additionally, I prefer to read blogs that are personal in nature. I enjoy hearing about other people’s hurts, problems, frustrations, etc. because it is on a personal level. Those things are what makes us who we are. Debating social issues vias blogs is not my cup of tea.

However, I must share something recently that broke my heart. I understand the world we live in, but it still does not make the reality sting any less. Caleb is going to his first dentist appointment tomorrow (pray for me! LOL). On the dental forms, there is a place that asks, “If your daughter has reached her mensus, is there a possibility she could be pregnant?” This is a pediatric dentist. I am totally aware of the fact that girls are getting pregnant earlier and earlier, and I know the dentist is just doing his job by asking. But my heart just aches that our society is at a place where that is common enough to have to ask.

Maybe God is calling me to be a part of the solution…..


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