Two Posts In One Day??

Yes….but it is my first time doing a “Works For Me Wedensday”


I have a plethora of ideas of things that work for me. Many of which I have read on previous WFMW’s. Thank you to those who loyally post and who have made my life easier!

Two things that I did this week that have streamlined my life came to me as I was organizing/cleaning my pantry (which happened to be in desperate need of an overhaul).

1. I went to Dollar Tree and bought three baskets. In them, I put snacks (Chloe’s baby Mum Mums in one, granola bars in another, and packaged crackers and other items in the third). Now instead of random boxes of snacks getting lost, they are easy to find! Plus, it eliminates excessive boxes in the pantry, which I have spent countless hours moving, knocking over, and picking up. As Caleb and Chloe get older, I will put these on the bottom shelf for easy access!

2. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I will mention it again for new readers. I freecycled all of my little plastic storage containers. When storing food, I always grab the medium or large containers because they are at the front. The only thing the little containers were doing was taking up space. And causing me extra work when they’d fall over. Getting rid of those has created more room and less mess!

That works for me!!


3 Responses to “Two Posts In One Day??”

  1. We are THAT family Says:

    I do the same thing with our snacks. My kids know what to go and get. It’s helped a lot!

  2. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Great idea for the snacks. I’ve also heard of color coding the baskets so that you can group similar foods in each colored basket. Then, you simply tell you child which color basket to grab from. Then, it helps them get a bit of variety.

  3. Michele Says:

    Yes – and now where are the Mommy snacks??

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