Home Is Still The Sweetest Place

I am home. I keep opening my fridge, expecting for food to appear. But, alas, it has not. But, I am home. And home is sweet. I love visiting my family, I love seeing friends. And yet I always love coming home. Home is just….home!

This past week we went to Springfield to do several things. Some things we planned on; most things we did not.

A recap of the week’s events……
– Caleb got a black eye. His first. We were walking out of a restaurant. He turned to look at some people and walked right into a table. His eye looks bad, but he recovered emotionally pretty fast.

– Chloe can stand up!!!! She pulled herself to her feet for the first time yesterday. Exciting!!!!!!

– Chloe apparently loves chocolate. Brett and I went on a date (YIPPEE!!!!). While gone, my mom was playing with Chloe and Caleb. Chloe was playing in my mom’s purse, found a chocolate bar, and in a matter of seconds, proceeded to eat it/smear it all over herself. Mimi (my mom) said it was quite a sight!!

– I got to see my long time friend, Emily (Hi, Emily), which was so much fun. It was a bit chaotic with my children, but it is always so fun to catch up with an old friend (old as in long time, not as in age…although we were wondering when we grew up!).

– As I said, Brett and I went on a much overdue date. We have not been out together in awhile, so that was wonderful. We saw “You Don’t Mess With The Zohan”, which was funny at times but probably not worth the money. We also went to dinner.

– Oh, and we also ate frozen custard. Which I only did 3 other times in 6 days. What can i say, Strawberry Shortcake is in season. And it is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!!!!

– Half the reason for our trip was for my mom to install a computer program on my computer. But smart me forgot my computer.

– We met with a couple of our ministry partners, which is one of my favorite things!! Raising our income can be very faith stretching at times, but I love the relational aspect of it!

– I spent a ton of time with my little sister, which was so awesome. She is just a gem. It is so sweet: she does everything I do. She will order what I order at dinner, drink what I drink. She is able to do her own make-up. When I asked her how she knows how to do that, she said she learned from watching me. Miss Lylia is all together so precious!

– I got new towels. Sweet heavens, I am so excited. The towels we have are only about four years old (most of them Brett had before we got married), but I have just never really liked them. They are not bad, just blah! I may have mentioned this before, but I feel like a lot of our wedding presents are starting to fall apart. We got married about 3.5 years ago, and it seems stuff is just starting to show a lot of wear.

– We ate out more in a week than we usually do in a month! I usually love to eat out, but doing it everyday gets old!

– While at my parents, we had severe weather. We had to wake the kids up from naps to go to the basement. Storms freak me out, but fortunately, it passed quickly!

We did a lot more, but those were the highlights! My parents’ house is much larger than ours, and with two young kids, their house is just exhausting! Additionally, Caleb and Chloe missed their naps a lot, so we are all tired!! But it was a really fun week!!!!!!


One Response to “Home Is Still The Sweetest Place”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Sounds like lots of fun! I’m trying not to be jealous about the towels. Ours are from our wedding which is now almost seven years ago. The white ones are starting to look a bit dingy.

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