Life, lately.

I have not been much in the mood for writing lately. There is a lot of things that I need to get done this week, most of which are not getting done because I have been sick all week :(. Not a significant illness, just a little cold that makes me not be able to use the thinking part of my brain. I have a project for my job that needs to be done, as well as a few other things.

Chloe is also sick. She has had a fever the last few days. On Sunday, I was telling a friend how we usually get sick after returning from a trip, but this time we had not……yet (I have come to find out). I actually was in a terrible mood yesterday, just not feeling well. I took a bath, which did help me feel better.

My baby girl hit another milestone recently. She scaled Everest. At least that’s what it must look like to her. Chloe went from not even venturing towards the stairs to scaling the entire flight her first attempt. I was behind her the whole time (though don’t give me the best mom award just yet, sometimes when the baby gate is not up, she has gotten up a few stairs before I catch her). It is an exciting time when a baby hits a new milestone, but it also necessitates the baby gate, which I am not a huge fan of.

I have an exciting week. Tomorrow night, I am going out for a girls’ night to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Then, on Friday, the husband and I are going out on a date! I am very excited for both events. It could not come at a better time. I have a case of the blahs and am looking forward to some fun. I know that being a stay at home mom to young children would seem to mean that my summer is no different than the school year. However, summers get so blah to me. First of all, I do not enjoy heat. I much prefer cooler weather. Secondly, we do not have people over as much in the summer since school is out. I never realize how much life I get out of hosting people. God is so good, though, because by May, I am ready for a break from all of that. So I do enjoy recharging in the summertime, but by late July, I am ready for chaos to resume! And, lastly, we travel a lot during the summer. I am not a huge traveler anyway, so this exhausts me. This all sounds complainy, sorry about that. The school year just provides more routine and regular events with students and friends.

During the day, I think of a lot of things to write on here. Then, by the time I actually get around to it, the thoughts escape me. I need to start jotting them down!

Oh, another cute thing that Chloe does is dance to music. She be-bops to the beat. Its adorable.

Caleb is talking more and more, and I just love it!! He’s a cool dude.

I actually do have some thoughts about deeper subjects, but like I said, my brain is not functioning right now. I really hope it resumes operation soon!


I have had some good laughs as of late. Though this one is not the top one, it is hilarious!

Watch the guy on the left, not the woman.


The thing that has made me laugh the most in recent days is when Brett told me a story about a night in college. It was probably the hardest I have ever laughed in my life. My head hurt. Those are good laughs!

Had I known my children would be taking the longest naps of their lives, I would have actually taken a nap. I have been working really hard around the house, so I am pretty worn out. I didnt sleep well last night either; my throat hurts and kept me up. Chloe, on the other hand, slept through the entire night for the first time without crying at some point. Hopefully that will happen again tonight :).

Not that you care, but it will make me feel better….this is what I have done this week (in addition to daily things of cleaning the kitchen, cooking, laundry, etc):
– organize the desk in my kitchen (it gets out of hand quickly)
– organize my spices (more on this at a later date)
– make a dress up bin for the future when my children are into that
– completely organize both storage rooms
– create a sewing area, which would have been really cool if there was actually an electrical outlet in the room. I will just have to move the machine when I use it. I can still store and cut fabric in the area
– spray paint a kid’s desk
– revamp my closet
– give away a LOT of clothes
– rearrange our guest room
– organize Caleb’s closet
– listed some items on ebay
…I may be leaving off a few things.

Of course, as I write this, my children wake up. I am glad, though, because they are so fun! I am thankful they still nap, because I do enjoy being productive during that time….even if my productivity amounts to reading a little and watching TV. Sometimes I work during naps, but most of the time I just relax. Today was different, though, because I have an insanely busy week ahead. Its mostly social events but some work (I have a small, work from home job), too.

Have a great week!

July, In Photographic Form

We have had a packed month of July. It has been really awesome and fun!

Here are some pictures to recap the month:

Caleb and Chloe in Brett’s old jerseys:

Swimming in the pool that our sweet (former) neighbor, Allison, gave us (Thanks, Allison!):

At the Splash Park in St. Cloud, FL:


More Florida pictures…
Caleb mowing the lawn with his Pappy:

One set of Great Grandparents:

On the plane (what a great Dad):

What a cute outfit, huh?

Chloe in the bath (Caleb was in the bath with her, but I could not get a good picture of both):

I took lots of pictures, but those are the highlights!

Brett is at a movie tonight, so I had a quiet evening. I have spent the week doing many home projects, so I wanted to just relax tonight. I watched some recorded episodes of Psych and Celebrity Family Feud. I also wrote some cards to a few people. Every so often, I write letters to people (real, hand written, sent in the mail letters) to let them know what they mean to me. For some reason, that is really important to me. I would write Brett a card everyday (I actually have been known to do that when he used to go out of town), but he does not care about that sort of thing. So I use my energy on others.

The night has been quiet, but I prefer to hang out with my hubby. I bought a shirt today online (so I dont have it yet) that says “My Husband Rocks”. I am really excited to wear it. My friend, Melissa, actually has the shirt, so I am copying her. So, in case you know both of us, know that I am the copy cat!

My kids and I played outside in the kiddie pool today. It was so much fun! Chloe was wearing her little bikini 🙂 (which she is allowed to do until boys start caring LOL). I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I am too tired to do that tonight. Caleb is so sweet to Chloe sometimes, but other times, he knows he is bigger and takes full advantage. She is tough, though, so he’ll get payback soon enough, I am sure. They play together much more than they fight, so that is promising!

I am really excited. I have a hair appointment scheduled for Aug 13. I am finally going to revive my hair that has been in ugly mode since early 2007. I AM EXCITED! Plus, my sister will be flying into town that week, so we are going to spend some quality time together.

Well, its late. I am tired. I do not think I will be able to wait up for Brett. But, I must say, as I am thinking about the rest of my night. I am a little disappointed that NBC is forcing Jay Leno to retire. I really like Jay. I actually like Conan a lot more, but I like both…..and I wish he were still around for the early slot! Jimmy Fallon will be interesting to see.

Have a great weekend!!!!


When I think of being home, the song that keeps popping in my head is one that is at the end of Caleb’s “Blue’s Clues” video. Besides that song playing over and over again in my head, it is good to be home.

Our trip went well. The kids had a wonderful time visiting Brett’s side of the family. He has a great extended family, and it was so great to see everyone. All of the Great Grandparents on Brett’s side are still alive (and one Great Great!), and they are all so healthy. So I love that Caleb and Chloe get to hang out with them. It is a bit difficult keeping 8 grandparents straight, but that is a good problem to have. My parents are Mimi and Papa (Caleb named them. My nephew and nieces call them Grandmama and Grandpapa). Brett’s parents are Grammy and Pappy (Grammy is a cute name, but for some reason, I am not a fan of Pappy. But he likes it, so Pappy it is!). Then the great’s are: Gigi (G.G=Great Granny) and G.P. (Great Papa), then Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Whew, that is a lot to keep straight!

The flights went well, for the most part. Squirm the Worm (Chloe) had a difficult flight home, but we managed. Caleb flies well (which is quite a change from last year). The trip, overall, was a good time. Caleb and Chloe played at the splash park and kiddie pool. We got to visit my college friend, Kacy, which was really awesome. She and I were in the same major. Ironically enough, Brett (before we were dating) introduced us, and we have been friends since! It was coincidence that we had a lot of classes together. We were pregnant together the first time, so that is always a good bonding experience. She lives 10 minutes from Brett’s parents, so I always visit her when I am down.

Chloe cut TWO teeth on our trip. She was toothless up until Monday. It is strange, though, because she cut her two top front teeth. I thought the two bottom ones came in first?!

Caleb’s vocabulary is expanding quickly. Some of his words are so cute! He says most things pretty well. It makes me laugh how parents can understand their child better than anyone. His words seem so easy to me, yet some peope cannot understand them.

We played cards and dominoes a lot. I enjoy games, so I had fun doing that.

I also ate a Publix sub. We do not have Publix here, but I really like their subs. Yummy!

Brett and I were able to go to the Florida Outpouring Revival. Brett went a lot, but I only could go one night. That was actually the purpose of our trip. It was really awesome. We are not as “pentecostal” as the revival is, but I still had a really great time.

I was very tired from our trip. That is to be expected. It is hard to stay at other people’s homes, because my kids are just very into everything! And the sleeping arrangements are not ideal. Though, we all slept fine, minus Chloe waking up a lot with her teeth.

So I wake up today, very refreshed! Oh, did I mention that my neighbor and good friend moved (just about 10 minutes away, but I am still very sad because I loved having her across the street) while I was gone?? My heart is sad, though I am excited they found a new fun house! And, of course we are still friends.
Back to my point…I woke up today, refreshed….with apparently too much energy. Because I completely organized my closet. Which involved taking down Brett’s dowel rod thing and a shelf. It was falling from the weight of his heavy clothes (a downside of being his size). I had a garment rack in the basement, so I moved it up.
While in the basement, I got the crazy idea to completely organize the storage rooms. I am still not done, but I needed a break.
Brett says the house is a destruction zone right now, and he is right. Everything is everywhere. Once it is put back away, though, it will look better than ever!

Oh, and one last story. I was telling Brett how my friend, Melissa, thinks it would be funny sometime to board a Southwest Airlines flight and sit right in the middle of a row (you know how you pick your own seat?) because everyone chooses the aisles and windows. We were boarding our flight yesterday, which was getting full fast. I am not sure what came over him….but there was a row that had an empty middle seat. As we were walking down the aisle, Brett asked the lady if we could put Caleb in the middle seat and she watch him for the flight. Overcome by the frustration of realizing someone wants to sit in the middle (you know the feeling) but not really listening to what he said, she started to get up to let him in. She, then, realized Brett was joking and laughed so hard. The other people around heard it and laughed too. It was a good way to start a flight!

Well I need to go finish what I started…….good night!


I am leaving town tomorrow for about a week.  I will not be blogging, but I will resume my regular writing when I return.  I know you are waiting in anticipation to hear about the happenings of my days.  Try not to lose sleep.


Before I go, though, I must say that I love it that I live in a neighborhood where people still wave at one another as they drive by.