I Love My Kids

I have taken more pictures in the last two days than in like two months combined. Maybe I am actually a fun mom, for once! Actually, I did choose to be the fun mom a few days ago. Caleb decided to finger paint with his salsa the other day. Instead of correcting him, I just let him do it. He had a blast. When it was all over, I told him we do not normally play with food, but I am hoping to choose to be fun more often than not (because I err on the side of order). Don’t get me wrong; there is a time for correction. But he won’t finger paint with salsa when he’s 10. (Hopefully).

Anyway, back to pictures, Brett took some pictures of my awesome kids playing with me today! So fun! I was actually telling my friends the other day how my kids will wonder if I was ever around because I am the one taking the pictures.


This is not that great of a picture, but I think Chloe looks so funny when I put her arms by her head.






One Response to “I Love My Kids”

  1. Michele Says:

    I totally know what you mean – I never have pics of me and the girls

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