Life has been crazy lately. And it shows no signs of stopping. Fortunately, it is all good things.

It does not help that my sweet little Lulu has decided to start waking up at 6 or 6:30 am. For many, that is not early at all, but working with college students puts us on a college-ish schedule. So 6:30 is early!! And I am tired. I actually did go to bed early on Thursday, but Brett woke up with the kids….I slept from 10:30 until 10:00, only waking to feed Chloe at 6:30. I woke up refreshed, but sleeping that late is on occasional thing!

Fortunately, though, both Caleb and Chloe are such awesome kids. They definitely have their moments, like when Chloe does not like me to be out of her sight (which is pretty much the whole day, but we have an open floor plan so that helps) or when Caleb decides to remove his clothes and diaper and run down the street in the nude. He looks really cute, but I am sure not all of my neighbors would agree LOL.

We are leaving on Monday to go to Florida for a week. We are going to visit Brett’s family and also to go to a really amazing revival that is going on down there. While Brett and I do not really affiliate with a political party, his family is die-hard Republicans (for no apparent reason). I mean, they are so die hard that they will not watch George Clooney movies because “he is so outspoken out his liberal views”. Anyway, I am saying all of this to say…..Brett is a huge practical joker. He loves to laugh, and he loves to be the source of that laughter. (On a side note, he has wisdom when to turn it off, so he is not annoying or anything). I am making him an iron on “Obama ’08” shirt. He is doing it just to get a rise out of them. It will be really funny!!

Well I have a lot to do today!! Have a good weekend!


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