When I think of being home, the song that keeps popping in my head is one that is at the end of Caleb’s “Blue’s Clues” video. Besides that song playing over and over again in my head, it is good to be home.

Our trip went well. The kids had a wonderful time visiting Brett’s side of the family. He has a great extended family, and it was so great to see everyone. All of the Great Grandparents on Brett’s side are still alive (and one Great Great!), and they are all so healthy. So I love that Caleb and Chloe get to hang out with them. It is a bit difficult keeping 8 grandparents straight, but that is a good problem to have. My parents are Mimi and Papa (Caleb named them. My nephew and nieces call them Grandmama and Grandpapa). Brett’s parents are Grammy and Pappy (Grammy is a cute name, but for some reason, I am not a fan of Pappy. But he likes it, so Pappy it is!). Then the great’s are: Gigi (G.G=Great Granny) and G.P. (Great Papa), then Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. Whew, that is a lot to keep straight!

The flights went well, for the most part. Squirm the Worm (Chloe) had a difficult flight home, but we managed. Caleb flies well (which is quite a change from last year). The trip, overall, was a good time. Caleb and Chloe played at the splash park and kiddie pool. We got to visit my college friend, Kacy, which was really awesome. She and I were in the same major. Ironically enough, Brett (before we were dating) introduced us, and we have been friends since! It was coincidence that we had a lot of classes together. We were pregnant together the first time, so that is always a good bonding experience. She lives 10 minutes from Brett’s parents, so I always visit her when I am down.

Chloe cut TWO teeth on our trip. She was toothless up until Monday. It is strange, though, because she cut her two top front teeth. I thought the two bottom ones came in first?!

Caleb’s vocabulary is expanding quickly. Some of his words are so cute! He says most things pretty well. It makes me laugh how parents can understand their child better than anyone. His words seem so easy to me, yet some peope cannot understand them.

We played cards and dominoes a lot. I enjoy games, so I had fun doing that.

I also ate a Publix sub. We do not have Publix here, but I really like their subs. Yummy!

Brett and I were able to go to the Florida Outpouring Revival. Brett went a lot, but I only could go one night. That was actually the purpose of our trip. It was really awesome. We are not as “pentecostal” as the revival is, but I still had a really great time.

I was very tired from our trip. That is to be expected. It is hard to stay at other people’s homes, because my kids are just very into everything! And the sleeping arrangements are not ideal. Though, we all slept fine, minus Chloe waking up a lot with her teeth.

So I wake up today, very refreshed! Oh, did I mention that my neighbor and good friend moved (just about 10 minutes away, but I am still very sad because I loved having her across the street) while I was gone?? My heart is sad, though I am excited they found a new fun house! And, of course we are still friends.
Back to my point…I woke up today, refreshed….with apparently too much energy. Because I completely organized my closet. Which involved taking down Brett’s dowel rod thing and a shelf. It was falling from the weight of his heavy clothes (a downside of being his size). I had a garment rack in the basement, so I moved it up.
While in the basement, I got the crazy idea to completely organize the storage rooms. I am still not done, but I needed a break.
Brett says the house is a destruction zone right now, and he is right. Everything is everywhere. Once it is put back away, though, it will look better than ever!

Oh, and one last story. I was telling Brett how my friend, Melissa, thinks it would be funny sometime to board a Southwest Airlines flight and sit right in the middle of a row (you know how you pick your own seat?) because everyone chooses the aisles and windows. We were boarding our flight yesterday, which was getting full fast. I am not sure what came over him….but there was a row that had an empty middle seat. As we were walking down the aisle, Brett asked the lady if we could put Caleb in the middle seat and she watch him for the flight. Overcome by the frustration of realizing someone wants to sit in the middle (you know the feeling) but not really listening to what he said, she started to get up to let him in. She, then, realized Brett was joking and laughed so hard. The other people around heard it and laughed too. It was a good way to start a flight!

Well I need to go finish what I started…….good night!


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