Brett is at a movie tonight, so I had a quiet evening. I have spent the week doing many home projects, so I wanted to just relax tonight. I watched some recorded episodes of Psych and Celebrity Family Feud. I also wrote some cards to a few people. Every so often, I write letters to people (real, hand written, sent in the mail letters) to let them know what they mean to me. For some reason, that is really important to me. I would write Brett a card everyday (I actually have been known to do that when he used to go out of town), but he does not care about that sort of thing. So I use my energy on others.

The night has been quiet, but I prefer to hang out with my hubby. I bought a shirt today online (so I dont have it yet) that says “My Husband Rocks”. I am really excited to wear it. My friend, Melissa, actually has the shirt, so I am copying her. So, in case you know both of us, know that I am the copy cat!

My kids and I played outside in the kiddie pool today. It was so much fun! Chloe was wearing her little bikini 🙂 (which she is allowed to do until boys start caring LOL). I will try to post pictures tomorrow. I am too tired to do that tonight. Caleb is so sweet to Chloe sometimes, but other times, he knows he is bigger and takes full advantage. She is tough, though, so he’ll get payback soon enough, I am sure. They play together much more than they fight, so that is promising!

I am really excited. I have a hair appointment scheduled for Aug 13. I am finally going to revive my hair that has been in ugly mode since early 2007. I AM EXCITED! Plus, my sister will be flying into town that week, so we are going to spend some quality time together.

Well, its late. I am tired. I do not think I will be able to wait up for Brett. But, I must say, as I am thinking about the rest of my night. I am a little disappointed that NBC is forcing Jay Leno to retire. I really like Jay. I actually like Conan a lot more, but I like both…..and I wish he were still around for the early slot! Jimmy Fallon will be interesting to see.

Have a great weekend!!!!


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  1. Shannon Says:

    Lucas is the same way about cards so I try to do what you do and give them to others. 🙂 Way to go on taking some time for yourself. 🙂

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