Had I known my children would be taking the longest naps of their lives, I would have actually taken a nap. I have been working really hard around the house, so I am pretty worn out. I didnt sleep well last night either; my throat hurts and kept me up. Chloe, on the other hand, slept through the entire night for the first time without crying at some point. Hopefully that will happen again tonight :).

Not that you care, but it will make me feel better….this is what I have done this week (in addition to daily things of cleaning the kitchen, cooking, laundry, etc):
– organize the desk in my kitchen (it gets out of hand quickly)
– organize my spices (more on this at a later date)
– make a dress up bin for the future when my children are into that
– completely organize both storage rooms
– create a sewing area, which would have been really cool if there was actually an electrical outlet in the room. I will just have to move the machine when I use it. I can still store and cut fabric in the area
– spray paint a kid’s desk
– revamp my closet
– give away a LOT of clothes
– rearrange our guest room
– organize Caleb’s closet
– listed some items on ebay
…I may be leaving off a few things.

Of course, as I write this, my children wake up. I am glad, though, because they are so fun! I am thankful they still nap, because I do enjoy being productive during that time….even if my productivity amounts to reading a little and watching TV. Sometimes I work during naps, but most of the time I just relax. Today was different, though, because I have an insanely busy week ahead. Its mostly social events but some work (I have a small, work from home job), too.

Have a great week!


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  1. Kelly Bell Says:

    You are a woman on a mission! I feel like I do nothing during the day, maybe when Caroline gets a little older I will do better. What kind of job are you doing from home?

  2. Ashlie Says:

    Ok, so as much as you like to organize and keep things clean …..much like me. I think you would enjoy reading this blog… (http://orgjunkie.com/). She does challenges for everyone who reads her blog. I.E. she has a clean your junk drawer day, or a organize you playroom day, and everyone posts links to their blogs with pics of the before and after. It’s pretty fun to see how everyone else organizes and you can get some great ideas!!!

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