Ramblings (surprise)

This is the third xanga entry I have started this week. Hopefully, it will be a charm!

A lot of people in the blogosphere seem to be taking a break for the duration of summer (at least until school starts). I am doing the antithesis of that. These last few days are creeping by. I am not in a hurry for anything. But this horrible heat where you cannot even go outside is miserable. I think I even smell funky most of the time. Ew! Last night, I took the kids out at 7:30 pm. It was too unbearable.

This time of year, all I can think of are those dumb, cheesy Christian cliches:
“You think its hot here….”, etc.

Get those out of my head LOL!

Besides my complaining that seems to be ever present in my life during these dog days of summer (I hope I am using that phrase correctly), life is good. I actually have quite a busy next few weeks. Then, school starts. My children aren’t in school, but Brett works with college students. And, our normal life seems to resume. Our normal life is crazy (who’s isn’t?), but I love it.

I was thinking today….is there anything better in life than when people compliment your children?? I have not yet found it, if there is.
I was given the sweetest compliment about Caleb today. They were in child care during my mom’s group meeting. Chloe was having a tough morning. They said that every time she would cry, Caleb would stop what he was doing to come check on her. How sweet!
I know my kids are not perfect and sometimes end the day wondering what kind of mother I am. I am also not naive to think that their good behavior is a result of my stellar parenting. Sure, there is a degree of teaching/correcting/encouraging/etc. And I do believe parents play a huge role in their children’s lives and can impact them tremendously. But, they are still children. And can choose to act any particular way on any particular day. Brett and I joke that our goal is to get our children raised with as little issues as possible. In reality, we do have higher aspirations than that. During the day to day, though, sometimes I have to remind myself I have 18 years to raise my children. That perspective helps.

In case you’re wondering if I have been thinking a lot lately about the quality of my mothering, I have! By God’s goodness, I have stopped comparing myself to others and wondering how I rate in comparison. Yet, I still just beat myself up (comparing myself to perfection, I suppose). In times like this, I remind myself that God chose me to be their parents.

My kids are just so awesome. I love being their mom. Being a mom is the greatest. Even with the struggles, I love it! Maybe by the time my kids are grown, I will have this thing down :).

The annual staff retreat for our ministry is this week. It will be really fun. We work with an amazing group of people. I always enjoy meeting as an entire staff.

Which means I will probably not be blogging for a few days!! So, I guess that this blog has come full circle after many detours. And what i originally said I was not doing, I actually am doing, which is taking a break. But only because I will be out of town.

And I apologize for the ramblings of this blog. It is not what I intended to talk about. Oh well!


One Response to “Ramblings (surprise)”

  1. Kelly Bell Says:

    It is so hard to not compare yourself to other mom’s and hope you are doing something right! Even at only 5 months old, I get caught up with thinking if i am doing something that will ruin Caroline for the future. It’s so silly to think that but when I do I just pray for strength and wisdom that I will raise our daughter the way she needs to be, and it may not look the same as everyone else, but somehow I have to be ok with that. This parenting this the toughest job but the best all at the same time!

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