My children woke up really early today (early for me). Caleb came into my room at 6:45. Being the kind mother that I am, I took him back to bed and told him it is not time to get up yet. At 7:15, I hear Chloe crying. I get up to go get her. Sweet Caleb is laying by her door, waiting for me to come. So, we had an early morning. I was in bed by 11 last night, so I actually am not too tired.

The summer when Caleb was an infant, I would watch “Mission: Organization” a lot on HGTV. My mom’s office is in need of some organization, and I am excited that next week I will be going to help her out with it. I tried to sign her up for the show, but apparently, you have to live on the west coast. So, instead, I am doing it myself. It will be fun. I will probably take before and after pictures. It will not be perfect, because on the show, they spend $10,000. Our budget is slightly less. About $50.

I will also be hanging out with my sister next week. I am VERY excited about that.

I have a hair appointment on Wednesday (like, in a week). I plan to update my look. Hopefully, I can get my color back to its original glory. Original meaning the highlighted blonde look. I will probably post before and after pictures. Currently, my hair style resembles that of my freshman year of high school. Times have changed. My hair should follow suit.

I have very few regrets in life. The ones I do have are not deep seated regrets….more just like “I wish I would have make a better decision”. One of those regrets is that for the first year of marriage (so the first year I lived in my house), I used orange shampoo and conditioner. Because orange stains quite well. I have ignored it for about two years, but last night, I faced the shower. (I mean, I have cleaned it, just not scrubbed it until my hands fell off to get the orange stain out). I had to use a tooth brush and a scrub brush, and it still did not come totally clean. I probably should have used bleach, but I hate bleach. Though not perfect, it does look a lot better.

I am not sure if I have made this clear enough, but I hate these last weeks of summer. This summer has actually been fairly mild, but the last week has been unbearable. Tomorrow, the heat breaks a bit. Yucky, it is just so hot!

We have been eating healthier around here. By we, I mean Brett. I cook healthy. It is those Famous Amos cookies that are getting me! Last night, I made black bean burgers. They were really yummy!! A great alternative to beef. And must tastier!

Well, I suppose I should go. I have to finish packing for our retreat (well, not so much of a retreat since we actually are working) that starts tomorrow. It is easier to do those things while Chloe is sleeping!!


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