You Asked. Now You Shall Receive.

As you may know, I left a post a few days ago that you could ask anything you want. I will not answer those questions.

1. If given an afternoon all to yourself, what would you do?
If I were without children for a few hours, I would first take a nap. I love to sleep, and I do not get enough. After that, I would wake up, get a Diet Coke and Cheeze-Its, and sit in my basement and watch recorded TV shows I have. Wow, that sounds delightful. I know my answer should be much more selfless, but that is the truth.

2. When do you plan to have another child?
I would like for my next child to be born around the time Chloe is 2 and 1/2. I love my children to pieces, but I feel pretty worn out most days. I cannot imagine throwing a third child into that mix. However, I do not feel that our family is complete yet. And, I am very excited to have another child. I just need a break. I have been pregnant and/or nursing since May 2005. That is a long time, folks. I am SO thankful for pregnancy, the ability to nurse, etc. But I just want a break before embarking on that endeavor again. (Is that way too much information? Sorry for the long answer!).

3. Do I ever plan to go to Hawaii with Brett (I had wanted to for our first anniversary)?? And, would I ever travel with another couple?
I would love to go to Hawaii….eventually. However, financially, it would not be an option right now. Plus, that is really far to leave my children (at this age). I would like to go one day, but probably not until my children are a bit older. For now, I would stick closer to home. I do want to take a trip with Brett. Even if it is hard on the budget, I think things like that are important.

I would definitely travel with another couple, but I would be very picky. (Katie, you and Wayne would be so much fun to travel with! So you would make the cut!) I am a finicky traveler, so I could only travel with friends that I would be comfortable around and who would travel in the same style as us. For instance, it would be hard for me to travel with someone who wanted to GO GO GO instead of relax. I do like to do things, but just not a jam packed day that follows a strict itinerary. Or another example would be that (financially) we would not travel with people who only want to eat at super expensive places, stay at the best hotels, etc. Make no mistake, I would love a vacation like that. But because that is not something we could do right now (I am not trying to complain about money. We do fine, just do not have tons of extra money to vacation with), it would be awkward for me. But, Katie (she is who asked this question), I know you enjoy a bargain like me, so we’d get the best bang for our buck :). That is, once again, a really long answer. So, to sum it up, I would enjoy traveling with a couple who Brett and I were both friends with the respective couple!

Thanks for asking!!!

I am leaving town for a few days. I will be back at the end of the week. Have a wonderful week!!!!


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