I AM … home!  Yay!  (I will post more on my trip later.)  Being home is the best.    

I WANT… to get back in shape.  Yet, I am doing nothing to achieve that goal.  

I HAVE … blonde hair again!!!  The “Great Hair Fiasco of 2007-2008” officially ended on Tuesday.  

I WISH I COULD … sing and dance.  I have always wanted to be able to do both of those things really well.  

I HATE … when I am grumpy.  

I FEAR … frogs, snakes, flying in a plane, crowds, rats, squirrels, cats, ferrets, nasty messes (Do I sound like Adrian Monk?)

I HEAR … my son asking, “Play in the sink?” (to which I granted his request).  

I SEARCH … for the best deals when buying something.  I enjoy getting a bargain!  


I REGRET … some choices I made in high school.  I wish I could go back in time and give myself some wisdom.  

I LOVE … being in love with Brett.  I love everything about him!!  

I ACHE FOR … ALL of my family to know the love of Christ that has transformed my life.    

I ALWAYS CRY … when Brett preaches at church and talks about our children.  

I AM NOT … getting pregnant for awhile, which mean when I wean Chloe next month, I will not be pregnant/nursing for the first time since June 2005.  I think I have only mentioned that a few times on this blog.  LOL  So you can only imagine how excited I am for a body break.   Which, at the same time, feels very selfish because the gift of children is so awesome.  

I DANCE … never in public.  At home, I cannot stop myself when Brett does a beat box.  (Don’t you wish you could see that?)

I SING … in the car and sometimes at home.  If I could actually sing well, I would sing much more often.  My voice is bad, even to me!  I do sing to my children, though.  

I NEVER … go to bed early.  I physically cannot shut down before 10:30, usually more like 11 pm.  It may go without saying that I am also never chipper in the morning.  It takes me awhile to wake up.

I RARELY … raise my voice.  On occasion, I do when I get really frustrated.  But typically, I keep a mild tone. 

I CRY WHEN I WATCH … Caleb and Chloe being sweet with one another.  I just a bit teary.  

I AM NOT ALWAYS … the person I desire/aspire to be.

I HATE THAT … I get my priorities mixed up a lot.  

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … why anyone is purposely mean-spirited.    

I NEED … to steam clean my carpets.  They are disgusting!!

I SHOULD … be getting my house back in order after being gone for a few days.


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