My friend termed the word “re-entry” to describe the events that surround coming home.  I like it.  I am re-entering my normal world.  And good news: I plan to stay here for quite awhile!  No more traveling for awhile.  Well, I think I may go to my parents’ for Labor Day, but that’s it, for awhile.  

My sister flew into KC, and I drove her down to my parents’ house.  In addition to our children (3 between us), we babysat our niece, as well as our little sister, for the week.  Having five kids is tiring, especially since they all have different rules, routines, etc.  However, it was a really fun time!  I love hanging out with my sister.

My little sister (Lylia) is the only child at home, and she much prefers it that way.  She enjoys having siblings, but I can tell she is glad we are all older.  After a few days of being around all the little kids, she starts to fall apart.  Noticing this (because my personality is similar, in that I can only handle chaos for a short amount of time), on Wednesday morning, I asked her if she wanted to go with me to get frozen custard after my kids went to bed that night.  You would have thought I told her she won the lottery.  All day, it was our secret that she would bring up often :).  

Lylia is the girliest girl I think I have ever met.  We went to get custard.  On the way, she asked if we could place a walk-up order, then open the back of my car (I have a SUV) and sit to eat our yummy treat.  Of course, that is what we did.  As “si-si’s” (that’s the term she coined for sisters), we laughed and told each other stories.  Lylia loves to hear stories of my childhood, and I am interested to learn stories of her time at the orphanage.  I am not sure what stories are true and what are from her imagination, but it does not matter…..sometimes what we imagined happened is more important than reality.  I think we are designed like that to not be beat down by life!  Either way, we had a great time laughing!  That was probably my most favorite moment of the week.

My sister and I went shopping a little bit, but not as much as we normally do.  I did get a few cute things….including two pairs of shoes (really cute ones!), a swimsuit top (I already have a bottom that matches), a few things from Target, and a new diaper bag.  The diaper bag is actually a “business weekend bag”, but I am not quite in that “business weekend bag” phase of life….and it converts quite cutely to a diaper bag.  It’s huge!  And I love huge purses and bags!  

As a family, we watched the Olympics.  As with most people, my favorite portions are gymnastics and swimming.  

I had a great week visiting my family.  It is always fun to get out of our normal routine to see people we love.  And, of course, it’s always nice to get home, especially since Brett was there!!  (He did not come on our trip).  I have spent the last day or two re-entering, as I said.  When away from home, I always come up with things that I need to do.  The more I blog, the nerdier I realize I am.  

I organized Chloe’s closet yesterday.  I switched out her 6-12 months clothes with 12-18 month clothes.  She is only 11 months, but she has such cute stuff waiting that I could not help myself.  Her 6-12 month clothes do still fit but barely.  The new clothes are a little big but probably more comfortable!  I am not sure if I have mentioned this, but a close friend of mine has given me Chloe’s entire wardrobe.  I often thank God for her, because it is such a huge blessing for our family.  I love how God provides in the most creative of ways!  Switching sizes is always a bit bittersweet.  We want more kids, but I cannot imagine how sad it will be when I am putting away the clothes for the last time.  

Life is good.  I am glad it’s Saturday.  Brett is actually gone all day, helping the college students in our ministry move into their dorms.  Even so, Saturday feels so relaxed.  The weather is gorgeous today!!  I cannot wait….only a couple weeks left of summer.  YAY!  

Hope your weekend is awesome!


One Response to “Re-Entry”

  1. Alison Says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! ;o) Seems like you have been traveling a lot this summer. I love to travel, but I always LOVE coming home. I’ve been watching the Olympics, and am addicted to swimming! Hope all is well! :o)

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