I Should Have Known.

Well, we decided to put a hold on the potty training. I decided to do it on a whim, and it actually was not the best time to do that. With the school year starting, two ministries I am very involved with are taking off again. There is so much I have to do, etc., that I just got a bit overwhelmed. Additionally, Caleb was not making any progress. I know its called training for a reason, but it was just a bad time. I could not shake that nervous frustration feeling (which is not really me). I talked a my friend, who I consider an expert mom…..she has six kids (in 11 years) and her kids are awesome….so I really value her opinion. After considerable discussion, her advice was to wait a few months, try again, and it would be a lot easier. Taking her advice, I put a diaper back on Caleb. And I have never felt more relieved about anything in my life. Age wise, I know he is capable…..but I think I am the one not ready. It is not because of him growing up or anything like that. I just know the sacrifice it is (and diapers are so easy). And I just think I am not ready for that. To be really honest, I am pretty worn out most of the time. I feel like when I am more rested at night, I will be more patient and hopeful with the training!

So, on that note, I have been successful weaning Chloe and having her sleep through the night. Last night seemed to be a failure, but it was redeemed. She woke up at midnight (as usual). I let her cry for about an hour (it was on and off). Towards the end of the hour, I just could not take it anymore. I fed her. Normally, she would wake up at 4:30, but she slept until 8:00!!!!! YAY!! One feeding is way better than two. The goal is no feedings, but I planned to take it one at a time.

Everyone told me that when your kids are close together, the first year is the hardest. I really hope thats true. If this is as hard as it gets, I am happy. Because it has been THAT hard, just tiring! Of course, people also told me the first year of marriage is the hardest. While, technically, it may have been the hardest to date, it was actually very easy. I cannot complain, though, my children are so awesome and sweet. Neither is hard to deal with or anything, which I am thankful. My biggest issue right now is that my least favorite phase of a child is when they are mobile but must be watched 100% of the time. I can leave Caleb in a room and know he will be fine (say, when I shower, he can sit on my bed and watch cartoons). I have to watch Chloe like a hawk, yet she is all over the place. Thankfully, our floor plan is open, so I can see her all the time!

All of this complaining, and I actually am enjoying life right now. As I said, things are starting to get a lot busier, but it is all so fun that I am great with that! Caleb and Chloe play together so cutely now. Of course, there is conflict, as well, but for the most part, they are hilarious together. Caleb is Chloe’s “overseer”. When we’re in the basement, she always makes a break for the stairs. He will literally run past her, climb one stair higher than where she is, and lay across the staircase so she cannot pass him. He will say, “No, no, Co-ee”. It is so funny to watch. If she is touching the TV, he will either say, “No touch, Co-ee,” or go up and touch it too to take the attention off of Chloe. He’s so protective. He is related to his father, so that is natural, I suppose!!


2 Responses to “I Should Have Known.”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about the potty training. He won’t always be in a diaper. I promise. 🙂

  2. Michele Says:

    Ahh, see, why potty train today when you can do it tomorrow…or…next year? LOL. My method is wonderful – I just send them to a friend’s house who has potty trained kids…and they come back full trained. It’s rather magical, IMHO.

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