And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Not really. But I do want to share about some recent winnings.

I hardly ever win anything. I am very blessed and am the recipient of lots of hand-me-downs, so I have nothing to complain about, for sure. But when odds are involved, I am just not typically very lucky.

Well, recently, my luck has changed. I spent a couple of minutes entering giveaways at To my surprise, I won two in one week!! Because the sponsors were generous enough for such giveaways, I would like to review the products.

Let’s start with the Mommy’s Little Monkey prize pack. I won a nursing curtain, onesie, burp cloth, and a note to nurse gift set. All of the products are high quality and really cute.
Specifically, the nursing curtain is AWESOME!! I have tried out about 3-4 different nursing covers, and this is, by far, my favorite!!! I know I just finished nursing Chloe, but we plan to have at least 2 more children… I have plenty of nursing ahead of me :). The fabric is high quality. It is lightweight, but quality in that the child stays covered. I love the fabric!! It is easy to snap on and it stays where I want it. It is big enough to cover you completely, but not so much fabric that it is cumbersome. All in all, I highly recommend this nursing cover. It is way cute and so functional.

The other giveaway I won is Rockabye Baby Lullaby Renditions of U2. When I say this is the most fun lullaby album ever, I mean it. The songs are sweet and perfect for a baby/child/mom who wants to relax, and the tunes are fun for mom and dad to sing along to, if they so choose. (There are no words, of course). This is a unique and fun gift for a new mom!!

Thank you to the sponsors of the nursing set (supermomz) and the cd (parentsphere). I love them both!!!! Check out the websites to get your own!!



Brett and I have been talking for a few days about sponsoring a child through Compassion International. Today, I read this post. It was the push I needed to actually look into the idea. I am not telling you this to get recognition. Rather, to let you know that you can sponsor a child for $32/month. I was surprised that it was not that expensive to sponsor a child.

You can pick the child you want to sponsor. We narrowed down the search (to AIDS infected kids in Africa…because that is a passion we have…who have been on a waiting list the longest) and let Caleb pick. Cool enough, it was one of the kids Brett took notice to, as well.

Looking through the pictures will move you to tears. The kids are so precious.

The reason I am telling you this is because like I said, I did not realize that the monthly donation was not super expensive. I know not everyone is called to give to Compassion International, so please do not feel guilt/pressure.

Follow Up

One thing that I enjoy about motherhood is that so many other women are in the trenches with me. I laughed when Ashlie (Hi, Ashlie!) posted a comment at 2:30 am…..about the very same thing I was going through! And, the reassurance from others moms like Kelly is wonderful. (Thank you, ladies!)

Chloe is improving. She finally gave up after an hour and 45 minutes of crying (she faded in and out a few times). For those who think I am heartless, she is over 1. She is definitely past needing to nurse at night. And, I am saving my mom and sister from having to be up all night with her next week. Did I mention I am leaving town? LOL

The next night, she did awesome!! Only waking up at 6:30 to eat a banana and go back to bed. That is a reasonable wake up time, which is why i got her out of bed….but she was still exhausted.

Last night was a step back. But it was better than Tuesday night. Chloe woke up twice, once for 30-40 minutes. Once for less than 5 minutes. The bright side is that she goes to bed really easily.

I am still mega engorged but hopefully that will go away soon. I have not made it to the store, but I will probably go today to get cabbage.

In other news…..the new TV shows have started….but I am not near as excited about them as I used to be. Maybe its just because I have less time than I did last year?! However, I must say “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother” did not disappoint. Those are my two favorite shows. I also really enjoy watching the Biggest Loser because I love seeing people’s lives transformed. Even though its just physical, feeling good about your health/body can do a lot for your mind and soul.

Thank you all for your support with Chloe. Its been a bit of a rough week, but it will be over soon…..and the best news is I AM FREE!!!!!!! For the first time since June 2005, I have nothing relying on me for life. I am mega thankful for pregnancies/nursing/etc, but I am also thankful to have a break. I can drink caffeine with NO guilt. That is about the only change. I drink caffeine anyway, but just in moderation. I am not going crazy but its nice to not have to think about it. The absolute best part is that I do not have to be home in time to nurse. Since Chloe did not take a bottle, I had to plan my life around her (which I am totally fine with). So now I AM FREE!!! And when Brett and I go out, the babysitter can put the kids to bed. Nice!

Have a great weekend!!! Ours is pretty low key. Yay! Today, when I woke up, I could not figure out what day it was (I am not a morning person). In trying to think, I realized I had a meeting in an hour, so I jumped out of bed, showered, got dressed, etc. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and happened to glance at my calendar. That is when I realized today is Friday. My meeting is Saturday! Even while showering, I could not figure out why I had not set my alarm for my meeting, but that did not even clue me in. My sister actually did the same thing the other day…..woke up at midnight and thought it was noon…..and when it was dark, she just thought it was a lunar eclipse! Its funny how foggy we get when we sleep.

It’s 12:33 am

….and I am up typing a blog. Why? Because Chloe has been crying since 11:13 pm. Last night, for the first time, she did not nurse and slept until 6:45 am. That was a first for her. She dropped two feedings in one, plus she slept through the night for the first time. I was SO excited, as I am sure you could imagine. So I am a wee bit frustrated that she is still screaming after an hour and 15 minutes. Not to mention I have been up since 6:45. But, since I know she can make it…..and she has to be weaned by next week (I am leaving town), I am just biting the bullet. I know its probably heartless to let her cry, but I did check on her. And she has faded out a few times (for a few minutes before starting again). The bottom line is that she just does not need to nurse anymore. She was only nursing 2-3 minutes at a time, anyway, which constitutes unnecessary nursing, in my opinion. Plus, I am so ready to be done! She is nearing 13 months. I had wanted to stop at her birthday.

I apologize for the rant, but I have nothing else to do at midnight. Brett miraculously is sleeping through the crying/screaming. I do not want to make any noise, as to give Chloe encouragement that there may be a chance she gets to eat. She did go down to bed super easily, which I expected to be a problem. That was the easy part. I feel bad for her, but I also do not want to put my parents in a bad position to be up all night with her when they keep her next week. Brett and I are both going out of town….separately, but the same weekend. My parents will have them both for 4-5 days. Brett is going to his half brother’s wedding in South Carolina. I am going to the MOPS Convention in Dallas. I am VERY EXCITED!!! YAY!

Men, if you happen to be reading, stop now. I have some private woman stuff to talk about.

Seriously, stop. (Not sure if I have male readers). Or prepare to be grossed out (this includes you, Brett…..well, not really).
So I blogged about my bad week last week. I have to admit. It was bad. I was just not myself. I kept thinking maybe its PMS, but it lasted longer than normal PMS. Of course, being that I have only had my period 4 times in my ENTIRE marriage (I got married early 2005), I kind of forgot what PMS is like. Well, considering its been 23 months since my last bout with PMS, I would say it came back with avengance!!! Now that AF (online lingo for “Aunt Flow”, I guess) has returned, life is back to normal. Thankfully!!! I even had a flat tire today and was unbothered.

Well, it seems as if my sweet baby has faded. I am going to give it a few more minutes before going back to bed, just in case.

Does anyone know any good remedies for engorgement? All this crying certainly did not help dropping two feedings in a day!! I am in pain but do not want to pump, since that would prolong the process.

Chloe made another peep, but I think she is almost out. Let’s hope!! Tomorrow is a long day, so I probably should have waited to let her cry……oh well! I am too far into it now.


My fridge may or may not have looked like this today….


I mean, I do not think its been that bare since I moved in! Never fear, I did go to the grocery store, but only because sour cream and wheat germ are not exactly ideal lunch foods.

In other news, my beloved alma mater is going for a big win today…..GO NOLES!! My sweet Lulu is representing…


Caleb is in between sizes right now, so I was getting out his 3T clothes. He found this and HAD to wear it!

Have a great day of college football!!!!!!

Taxi Cab Confessions

Have you ever seen the show Taxi Cab Confessions? I think it was on MTV in the early 2000’s. The thing that always surprised me about the show was that the people actually agreed to go on TV. If you have not seen it, there is a hidden camera in a cab. People air their dirty laundry (somehow the cab driver must have initiated it, I cannot remember), then are told they are being taped. Of course, due to privacy laws, they had to agree to be on television. I just never figured out why anyone would want to do this. But I also do not understand why one would want to be on reality TV either.

My sister was actually on reality TV once. She was the first person in history to not make a fool of herself. She was actually quite humorous!!

Well, anyway, this post is not actually about taxi cab confessions but rather true life confessions.

I am tired.

I am tired of being tired.

The reality of having two children fairly close together has hit me in recent weeks. I am in love with my children and adore them more than I ever thought possible. So it is not anything against them. They are just both at an age where I am worn out every single day. Chloe is very mobile but not super self controlled. So I have to watch her every move. She has no fear, so she will crawl up on anything but cannot get down as easily. A few days ago I noticed the door to the basement was open. Chloe was 1/2 way down the stairs. I have no clue how she got there, because she is not good with going down stairs yet. Chloe also eats anything in sight, which can pose a problem.

Caleb is hilarious and fun. But he is also very trying. As far as two year olds go, he is actually probably pretty mild. When he does not want to listen, he just does not listen. And that is often.

The combination of the two are wearing me out. It probably does not help that Chloe screamed the entire day yesterday. I think she’s teething, but Motrin did not help (which it usually does).

Brett has been awesome about letting me sleep in/get breaks/etc. But he works (obviously), so there is only so much time in the week!

I know its a passing phase. And for the most part, I am doing good. I just am tired of being tired. When I am tired, it makes all of life so much more dramatic. I hate that.

In two weeks, I am going on a girls trip to Dallas for 3 days. That will be just what I need.

In the midst of my frustration with being tired (and therefore being ultra sensitive and dramatic), I read this. And I was very encouraged.

I especially loved the part about “Be still my soul, thy Lord is on my side”. I know that, but today, it just really needed to be repeated.

Actually after thinking about the Lord, I felt much more refreshed. But I still wanted to write this. Partly to be transparent. Partly to remind myself in a few years that this time really is difficult. So when young mothers share their heart, I will not write it off as “its not that bad”. Somedays, it IS that bad. But it always passes. And the good always outweighs the bad. And that is the hope I have!

Also, in regards to the quote on Melissa’s blog, I totally made that sign for my kids’ rooms: “Jesus Knows Me, This I Love.” I loved that! And its so true!!

I am a poser.

For a long time, I have been wanting to use reusable grocery bags. Though I do recycle my plastic bags (for stinky diapers), I figure I can cut back a bit. Well, my problem is I will only use them if I like them. Today, I bought the cutest reusable bags at Whole Foods. But I have to admit I am a poser. I do not actually shop at Whole Foods, but their bags are adorable. I hope I will actually use them!! What about you… you use the reusable bags? Does it work pretty well? How many do you take? (They seem big).

I hate when I sit down to write and forget everything I planned to write about!

If you have been reading for long, you know I am a complete nerd. Which is further proven by the fact that two things made me VERY excited today.
1. I entered some giveaways at In the last few months, I have entered tons of these and never win. Today I won the one that I REALLY wanted to win. To explain, I have a nursing cover that I really like. The other day, I wiped up a spill with it and put it back in my purse. I forgot about it, and it got mildew all over (and it will not come out). Well, today, I won a nursing curtain. It is ADORABLE. Even though I am almost done nursing Chloe, I plan to have at least two more kids, so it will be so wonderful. I won some other cute things with it!! Receiving gifts is my love language, so this made my heart smile.
2. I bought my 2009 planner today. I looked at a bunch of different ones and finally found the one that will contain my life in ’09. Yay!

Speaking of nursing, I cannot tell you the excitement I feel that Chloe is on her way to being weaned. Today, I went to look at clothes (also known as shop), and it dawned on me that this is the first winter since 2004 I will not be pregnant or nursing. Which means I can wear WHATEVER I want. I never realized what a joy it would be to be able to pick out anything without concern as to how my baby would nurse. I did not have much luck on finding clothes, but it was still fun!

Chloe had a wonderful birthday week last week. Caleb learned how to sing “Happy Birthday”, which might be the sweetest thing ever. We had a lot of little celebrations! She is only 1, but I think she felt loved.

I am trying not to be so infrequent with blogging, so maybe this week will be better!! No promises 🙂