If you know me in real life or have paid attention to my pictures, you may have noticed Brett is a wee bit taller than me. By wee bit, I mean a foot. Exactly. I am 5′ 5″ and a 1/2. He is 6′ 5″ and a 1/2. For some reason, people are really concerned with his 1/2 inch, but could really care less about mine. But that is not my point.

From the time I can remember, I wanted to marry a really tall man. I am not sure my reason, other than my dad is fairly short and he always told me to marry tall to change our genetic pool. Growing up with males who were average height, I never thought of the ramifications to marrying tall. I still love that Brett is tall, but I thought I might share my findings with the blog world.

The reason behind this post is that I spent some time this morning rearranging my bedroom. (Chloe still takes a morning nap, and Caleb is easily entertained in my room, in case you are wondering how I juggle all of that). A few months ago, we got an elliptical to work out on.

Which brings me to fact #1: Tall people cannot put exercise equipment in the basement. Because the basement has 8′ ceilings, and the elliptical elevates two feet. You do the math.

Back to my story. To fit the elliptical in the room, we had to rearrange our furniture. Our ceiling gradually elevates, so it had to be brought out from the wall a bit. Well, the current arrangement was so annoying to me, because our bed was against the windows. I love opening the windows on fall/spring days, but I was unable to do so. It turns out that Brett actually does clear the ceiling if the elliptical is placed closer to the wall. So, today, I rearranged our room. Not everything. I just moved the bed.

That was a really long explanation of why I am posting this. So without further ado, here is some facts I have learned from marrying tall:

#2 (#1 has already been stated): The pool from which you can pick a car is limited. Tall people do not fit in a lot cars. When we got married, my brother and I traded cars so that Brett could fit. Then Brett and I traded cars. And got the best car out of the deal. Yay!

#3: You can only buy shoes and jeans online. Because tall people have big feet. And weird pant sizes.

#4: Most shower heads are too low.

#5: Tall people spend a lot of time ducking…..in the shower (see #4), through doorways, on airplanes, etc.

#6: Airplane seats are really close together. If a tall person is behind you, please do not recline your seat.

#7: You cannot own a bed with a footboard.

#8: If you visit a friend whose guest bed has a footboard, wife must sleep on the couch. Because man sleeps diagonally. And wife and husband cannot touch while sleeping. (Thats not a tall rule, just my rule).

#9: You see the world from a different perspective. One day, I jumped on Brett’s back, and the view from there is much different. You can see the tops of people’s fridges. And thats bad news for me.

#10: Tall people are not deaf. When Brett played football, he was much heavier. So all in all, he was a VERY big dude. People (adults, mind you) would walk by. Right as they passed him would say, “wow, he’s big”. Neither Brett nor I were ever offended because it was the truth. And, when kids would say it, it was just really cute. But thats just a good principle to know about anyone who is un-average.

#11: “How’s the weather up there?” is not a unique line. (I imagine the opposite goes for short people). I actually have not heard this in awhile, though!

(The previous two sound kind of harsh. That is not my intention. It’s just funny stuff.)

That’s all I have for now. I love that Brett is tall. I just was surprised how differently things are because of height. I just never would have thought about it otherwise!

This post is so random. My thoughts have been all over the place lately.


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