I am a poser.

For a long time, I have been wanting to use reusable grocery bags. Though I do recycle my plastic bags (for stinky diapers), I figure I can cut back a bit. Well, my problem is I will only use them if I like them. Today, I bought the cutest reusable bags at Whole Foods. But I have to admit I am a poser. I do not actually shop at Whole Foods, but their bags are adorable. I hope I will actually use them!! What about you…..do you use the reusable bags? Does it work pretty well? How many do you take? (They seem big).

I hate when I sit down to write and forget everything I planned to write about!

If you have been reading for long, you know I am a complete nerd. Which is further proven by the fact that two things made me VERY excited today.
1. I entered some giveaways at Prizey.com. In the last few months, I have entered tons of these and never win. Today I won the one that I REALLY wanted to win. To explain, I have a nursing cover that I really like. The other day, I wiped up a spill with it and put it back in my purse. I forgot about it, and it got mildew all over (and it will not come out). Well, today, I won a nursing curtain. It is ADORABLE. Even though I am almost done nursing Chloe, I plan to have at least two more kids, so it will be so wonderful. I won some other cute things with it!! Receiving gifts is my love language, so this made my heart smile.
2. I bought my 2009 planner today. I looked at a bunch of different ones and finally found the one that will contain my life in ’09. Yay!

Speaking of nursing, I cannot tell you the excitement I feel that Chloe is on her way to being weaned. Today, I went to look at clothes (also known as shop), and it dawned on me that this is the first winter since 2004 I will not be pregnant or nursing. Which means I can wear WHATEVER I want. I never realized what a joy it would be to be able to pick out anything without concern as to how my baby would nurse. I did not have much luck on finding clothes, but it was still fun!

Chloe had a wonderful birthday week last week. Caleb learned how to sing “Happy Birthday”, which might be the sweetest thing ever. We had a lot of little celebrations! She is only 1, but I think she felt loved.

I am trying not to be so infrequent with blogging, so maybe this week will be better!! No promises 🙂


3 Responses to “I am a poser.”

  1. Kelly Bell Says:

    I bought the reusable bags from Publix a couple months ago. I got 4 and that has been plenty. I usually only need 3 of them. I use the plastic bags for diapers too but it has worked out because I forget to take the reusable bags with me a lot so I still get plastic ones every now and then. Mine aren’t too cute though…just green with Publix on on! Glad you got some cute ones!

  2. melissa lee Says:

    I bought the Publix bags, too. LOVE THEM!! They are huge. I bought them because I really do try to do my best to save our earth…..oh, man…I could barely get through that last sentence without laughing. I still use aerosol hairspray for pete’s sake. How terrible am I??

    Okay, to answer your question you left me on my blog. Yes, the Attorney General is funny. No, he is not as funny as me.

    Seriously though, how could i be with someone who wasn’t funny? Sheesh. I feel for those people. The AG cracks me up on a daily basis. He really does. I find him hysterical – but he is a more wise crack, one-liner, goofy kind of funny. Whereas I am more all the time, 24/7, funny as Seinfeld, kind of funny.

    Just kidding.


    Thanks for writing. Do it again! Loved hearing from you.

    Melissa at Stretch Marks

  3. Shannon Says:

    I’ve used reusable bags for almost 3 years and I love them! I try to just keep them in the car so that way I don’t forget them at home. For a big shopping trip I usually use 5-7 and I pile the stuff in there. I just take my whole stash and shove it in the largest bag I have. That way I have enough. Also don’t worry about using different store’s bags at different places…no one cares. 🙂 It’s amazing how few reusable bags you have to use compared to the gazillion plastic bags they try to use instead. 🙂

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