Follow Up

One thing that I enjoy about motherhood is that so many other women are in the trenches with me. I laughed when Ashlie (Hi, Ashlie!) posted a comment at 2:30 am…..about the very same thing I was going through! And, the reassurance from others moms like Kelly is wonderful. (Thank you, ladies!)

Chloe is improving. She finally gave up after an hour and 45 minutes of crying (she faded in and out a few times). For those who think I am heartless, she is over 1. She is definitely past needing to nurse at night. And, I am saving my mom and sister from having to be up all night with her next week. Did I mention I am leaving town? LOL

The next night, she did awesome!! Only waking up at 6:30 to eat a banana and go back to bed. That is a reasonable wake up time, which is why i got her out of bed….but she was still exhausted.

Last night was a step back. But it was better than Tuesday night. Chloe woke up twice, once for 30-40 minutes. Once for less than 5 minutes. The bright side is that she goes to bed really easily.

I am still mega engorged but hopefully that will go away soon. I have not made it to the store, but I will probably go today to get cabbage.

In other news…..the new TV shows have started….but I am not near as excited about them as I used to be. Maybe its just because I have less time than I did last year?! However, I must say “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother” did not disappoint. Those are my two favorite shows. I also really enjoy watching the Biggest Loser because I love seeing people’s lives transformed. Even though its just physical, feeling good about your health/body can do a lot for your mind and soul.

Thank you all for your support with Chloe. Its been a bit of a rough week, but it will be over soon…..and the best news is I AM FREE!!!!!!! For the first time since June 2005, I have nothing relying on me for life. I am mega thankful for pregnancies/nursing/etc, but I am also thankful to have a break. I can drink caffeine with NO guilt. That is about the only change. I drink caffeine anyway, but just in moderation. I am not going crazy but its nice to not have to think about it. The absolute best part is that I do not have to be home in time to nurse. Since Chloe did not take a bottle, I had to plan my life around her (which I am totally fine with). So now I AM FREE!!! And when Brett and I go out, the babysitter can put the kids to bed. Nice!

Have a great weekend!!! Ours is pretty low key. Yay! Today, when I woke up, I could not figure out what day it was (I am not a morning person). In trying to think, I realized I had a meeting in an hour, so I jumped out of bed, showered, got dressed, etc. I went downstairs to eat breakfast and happened to glance at my calendar. That is when I realized today is Friday. My meeting is Saturday! Even while showering, I could not figure out why I had not set my alarm for my meeting, but that did not even clue me in. My sister actually did the same thing the other day…..woke up at midnight and thought it was noon…..and when it was dark, she just thought it was a lunar eclipse! Its funny how foggy we get when we sleep.


3 Responses to “Follow Up”

  1. Jen Says:

    You know, I have to say that I enjoy reading both the highs and lows of being a mom. Your willingness to be transparent is awesome! A lot of the moms I know always seem like they have it all together all the time, even though I know they probably don’t. But hearing someone who is comfortable admitting that they don’t always have it all together actually gives me hope that I will be able to figure the whole motherhood thing out when the time comes. Cause right now, the idea of it is pretty scary!

    So in a weird way, reading about your struggles and frustrations encourages me. That sounded bad, but I hope you know what I meant!

  2. Kelly Bell Says:

    Glad to hear Chloe is doing better and that you have a little more freedom…yay! Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

  3. lis Says:

    Hi Lis here from Simple-Reviews, I hope you have a great weekend and that next week will not be too hard to be away from your babe.

    BTW I love The Office too (but then who doesn’t). The only thing disappointing is when it ends.

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