It’s Been Awhile…..

So will someone please tell me where October went?  Because I am fairly certain it just started.  And now its over.  I have no clue where it went, but it has been a really awesome month.  I love fall.  I love Halloween (gasp, I did not use the word Harvest Celebration…I just call it what it is).  I love that Christmas starts in just a couple of weeks.  I also love that Christmas is a month long celebration.  I am positive that celebrating Jesus is worth it.  

I have had a full month.  This will be a long, sporadic post.  But I mostly blog for my own keepsake, as I have mentioned before.  

I have the cutest conversation with Caleb the other day.  Let me start by saying that he is in toddler love with his friend, Elise.  He always wants to go to her house.  He just smiles at the sound of her name.  It is so precious.  Elise’s mom and I are good friends, so we see her a lot.    
The other day, we were talking about Elise.  Caleb said “I love Elise.”  We had the following conversation:
Me: Do you think Elise is cute?
Caleb: No, Cam
Me: Camryn (Elise’s) sister is cute?
Caleb: No, Mommy’s cute. (said with a smile)

I know it will be a short lived period where my son calls me cute, so I am eating it up!  For the record, Camryn and Elise are both darling and the cutest girlies!  

Caleb is talking so much more now.  He repeats a lot of what we say and has started asking, “why?”  He is so hilarious.  He constantly says, “Mommy, watch this!” and does something silly.  I love it.  We have trouble keeping him in his room at night.  We have tried everything, and the kid can figure a way out.  It is actually quite impressive.  He is still a great sleeper, though, so I cannot complain.  

Chloe is getting cuter by the day.  Her only real word (besides Dada and Mama) is “up”, which totally encompasses her personality.  The snuggler loves to be held, by me, as much as possible.  She is getting more independent, though, and loves to play.  Chloe smiles so much and is just so sweet. 

I love the stage my kids are at right now.  They are hilarious, entertaining, sweet, loving, wonderful!  

Two of my highlights from this month were going to the pumpkin patch (Johnson Farms) and trick or treating today.  The pumpkin patch has live animals, and Caleb was so into it.  He even wanted his picture by them.  
Today, we took the kiddos trick or treating at the mall (outdoor).  It was super fun, and Caleb was mega amped on sugar this evening.  He rarely eats candy, so his body must have been in shock.  As I mentioned, I love Halloween, so I let him indulge today!  Chloe was dressed as a ladybug (and enjoyed her lollipop!), and Caleb was a dalmatian.  Until someone thought he was a cow, then he became a cow (his decision!).  

I did some home improvements today.  I will post about those later, when I have pictures!  I love the results, but I have one more thing to do before I am done.  Expect that soon.  

Well, I guess I should go to bed.  It has been a great day today!  Hope your Halloween Harvest Celebration was great!


As Of Late

A lot is happening around here. The most exciting news of the day is that my brother-in-law has a girlfriend. I have not met her yet, but she seems like a gem. The reason this is notable is that he has not dated (to my knowledge) since I have known him (about 5 years). I am not sure why he has not dated, but he just hasn’t. So the fact he has and admits he has a girlfriend is exciting!! I have long wanted him to date someone….for his sake but also so I could have someone my age to hang out with at family functions. The relationship is new, but I am really happy for them!!

We took a family field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. It was super fun, but my camera battery was very low. I only got a few pictures. I have not uploaded them yet, though.

Brett and I saw Fireproof last night. As expected, the acting was not the best ever, but the movie was really good. I love the message and the truthfulness of it. Even though I am happy in my marriage, it was still very inspiring.

A few weeks ago, both of my kids were at hard stages. Just whining a lot. Well, in the last week, things have changed a lot. They are so much more content and are happier! Which, in turn, has made my attitude improve. I am so thankful!! I was beginning to feel like a horrible mom.

I am not sure if I have noted this, but Chloe is officially walking. It is amazing how much more grown kids look when they stand up.

As I have stated enough, this is the first time in a long time I have not been pregnant or nursing. I must say that I am very much enjoying the break!! Not having to worry about what I am eating/drinking is nice. Not that I am super careful, anyway, but last night, I could drink as much soda at the movies as I wanted, without worrying how the caffeine/fake sugar would effect my baby! I know I should probably be worried about myself, but I am not.

Well, that is not true. I have been eating better and exercising. It actually has felt quite good to get back into exercising!! I am not loving it, of course, but I do like the results.

I have to let you in on a little secret. I bought some Spanx yesterday. I found them on ebay for a good price (they are new, not used) and want to try them out. I hear they work body miracles. Even with working out, I could use a little help. Brett sweetly assured me I did not need them, but I let him in on the fact that since we plan to have more kids, I need all the help I can get. Spanx are way cheaper than a tummy tuck! I guess that is something one should not admit, but fortunately for me, only like 4 people read this!

I am not sure this post could get any more random. I probably should quit while I am ahead. Not that the topics discussed so far would put me ahead.

Have a great week!! If I look 10 pounds thinner next week, just pretend it is the exercise and not the Spanx :).

Just Call Me Bob Villa

So, my home improvement project that I did not have time for got pushed to the front of my agenda. Because I am impulsive.

Instead of going for it and spray painting my kitchen drawer and cabinet pulls, I decided to start in the bathrooms. (Plus, I want to get coordinating ceiling fans in the kitchen and living room, so that will take planning).

For a $4 project, I am rather pleased with the results. I am most excited that I no longer have to look at my ugly white brass pulls. Except for in my kitchen. Where I spend the most time.

Here you go, friends…..





As you can tell, I did not paint the hinges. They are really hard to get on and off, so I did not want to bother. Plus, they did not match in the first place, and I never noticed until now.

To complete this home project, I bought a can of spray paint. I took the pulls off, of course. I bought the disposable skewers (located near cooking utensils), stuck them in the ground outside, and sprayed. That way, there was little mess!

I actually stole this from Eskimo Kisses, so you can get a better tutorial from her 🙂

And, now, I can get back to things that actually need to be done.

Worth 1000 Words….or at least 10

**Edit: The video did not process correctly for some reason. It is now corrected. Yay!

Caleb and his friend, J, singing Jesus Loves Me.

They had the best time rocking out. Do you like the air pump microphone?

Caleb and Chloe having fun together





Brett’s face is goofy, but this is so adorable


(Chloe is walking, by the way!!! She walks slowly but can make it about 7-8 steps. Yay!)

My Carbon Footprint Just Got A Bit Larger

Cleaning windows and blinds is my least favorite house chore ever. Which would explain why today was the second time in almost four years that my windows are clean.

As with most decisions, I randomly decided to clean my blinds and windows today. They were, in a word, nasty. A half of bottle of Pledge and Windex later, I am done. And I have clean windows. And lungs full of chemicals. But my windows are clean. Til at least this afternoon. With two children, windows are pretty much finger print havens. I love my kids more than clean windows, so I can live with that :).

I am a bit embarrassed to admit it has been so long since my windows were clean, but I hate it that much. I am really glad my house is not any bigger, because I would really be in trouble! I am at my cleaning capacity in this house. But, we plan to live in this house as long as we live in KC (which is indefinitely!). I actually love my house. In a world of constantly wanting bigger and better, I love my house and would be quite content to never move!

I have some home projects in the back of my mind. I want to replace our ceiling fans. I also want to spray paint our drawer/cabinet pulls (is that what they’re called?). We have ugly brassy ones. I have never liked them, and I read on a blog recently that you could just spray paint them!
We are so swamped, though, that none of this will take place anytime soon!

Well, I am going to eat lunch while Chloe is napping…..


I planned on breaking my promise not to write about the yuckiness that has been our family this week. I actually wrote two paragraphs about it, then realized that writing about it does not change it. And who wants to hear about it? I will say this is the weirdest bug they have ever had. It is very mild, yet keeps biting at random times. Both were fine most of the week. Tuesday and today were bad days. Strange.

But in other news that is way more exciting…..I thought I would record some happenings of my kids….
– Chloe can say one word, and that word is “up”. She pulls my legs and says, “Up, up, up” until I pick her up. She likes to be held all day everyday, so I hear this word quite often.

– We never taught Chloe sign language, but she made up her own. She claps when she is “all done”. When she wants “more”, she does her hands sort of like a crab (all four fingers together and sort of clapping her thumb on each hand). I am not explaining it well, but it is so cute.

– When Caleb has a bad attitude, we send him to his room until he “gets happy”. It is not in time out. He can do whatever he wants (play, read, etc). He can rejoin the family when he has a happy heart. The other day, I put him down for a nap. He was crying a few minutes later, which is unusual, so I went to check on him. He said, “Happy, Mommy, happy.” I guess he did not realize it was nap time! Kids learn quick!

– It has long been documented that Caleb loves playing the guitar. A couple of days ago, we were watching something as a family, and there was a band playing. Caleb said, “Guitar? Guitar?”, then went to find his guitar. He brought it back to play along with the band.

– Caleb loves to lead Chloe in worship. He plays and sings “Jesus Loves Me” and “King of Glory” (an adult worship song) for her! So cute. He also sings “Happy Birthday”, so maybe he does not quite grasp the concept :).

– Caleb learned his first Bible verse: “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). He says the whole verse normally, then gets very excited about “always”.

– Chloe loves to snuggle before she goes to sleep. It is one of my most favorite times of the way. She buries her head in my chest. Oh, its sweet.

Well, Caleb fell asleep (poor guy feels yucky). I am going to sanitize some toys 🙂

(Insert Catchy Title Here)

I thought about telling you about my morning, but that would even gross me out. Instead, I will share the highlights of my past week.

Along with some great friends, I attended the MOPS Convention in Dallas this past weekend. To get a visual, here we are….



(Don’t I have beautiful friends?)

Brett’s half brother got married this past weekend, as well, so our kids went to stay at my parents’ for several days.
My expectation going into the weekend was to be refreshed. Getting away from my kids and my normal responsibilities came at a perfect time. I had been maxed out the last couple of weeks. I definitely got refreshed, but I also learned some awesome things….which I did not really expect. I thought the weekend would be light hearted, but it was actually a time of growth. It was good stuff, though, not the type of growth that hurts.

I may share more in the future about the cool things I learned/experienced. To be honest, I do not have the brain power to think about it right now.

If you have not had a weekend away with girlfriends in awhile, I highly recommend it. I heard people say that 1000 times, but until I took my first trip away, I really did not understand. There is something so energizing about spending two days of talking to friends, laughing, eating/getting ready/etc on my own timetable. I am so thankful for the awesome friends I have. MOPS has definitely been the most instrumental thing in my life since having Caleb and Chloe. And the biggest part of that has been the amazing friends I have made. Each of their personalities/giftings/advice has made me a better mom. I realize that not a lot of people have friends who encourage them to greatness, and for that, I feel so blessed.

I also got to see one of my long time best friends, Carol, and her daughter, Maggie. I was so bummed the rest of their family could not come. Carol is a very close friend, and she is also my mothering mentor. She and her husband have six children, and they are the most incredible family. I think she is the first person I met who made motherhood look fun and exciting….in a genuine way. I met her in my single days, and we have remained friends for a long time! It did my heart good to visit with her.

Being away was wonderful, but as always, it was so great to get home. I got home Saturday night and went to get my kids on Sunday before we picked Brett up at the airport. For the first time since Caleb’s first birthday, I got to sleep in and wake up when I wanted to. I cannot overstate how nice that was! I am so happy to be home, and I love being a mom and a wife again. Even the happenings of this morning could not derail my excitement!!

And on a totally superficial side note…..I went shopping before I left for my trip. I got the CUTEST purse and fall jacket from TJ Maxx. My purse is the style I have been wanting for awhile. The jacket retails at $360.00, and I got it for $40. It is adorable and stylish (two words that rarely describe my fashion).

Well, I think I should probably go sanitize my home.