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I thought about telling you about my morning, but that would even gross me out. Instead, I will share the highlights of my past week.

Along with some great friends, I attended the MOPS Convention in Dallas this past weekend. To get a visual, here we are….



(Don’t I have beautiful friends?)

Brett’s half brother got married this past weekend, as well, so our kids went to stay at my parents’ for several days.
My expectation going into the weekend was to be refreshed. Getting away from my kids and my normal responsibilities came at a perfect time. I had been maxed out the last couple of weeks. I definitely got refreshed, but I also learned some awesome things….which I did not really expect. I thought the weekend would be light hearted, but it was actually a time of growth. It was good stuff, though, not the type of growth that hurts.

I may share more in the future about the cool things I learned/experienced. To be honest, I do not have the brain power to think about it right now.

If you have not had a weekend away with girlfriends in awhile, I highly recommend it. I heard people say that 1000 times, but until I took my first trip away, I really did not understand. There is something so energizing about spending two days of talking to friends, laughing, eating/getting ready/etc on my own timetable. I am so thankful for the awesome friends I have. MOPS has definitely been the most instrumental thing in my life since having Caleb and Chloe. And the biggest part of that has been the amazing friends I have made. Each of their personalities/giftings/advice has made me a better mom. I realize that not a lot of people have friends who encourage them to greatness, and for that, I feel so blessed.

I also got to see one of my long time best friends, Carol, and her daughter, Maggie. I was so bummed the rest of their family could not come. Carol is a very close friend, and she is also my mothering mentor. She and her husband have six children, and they are the most incredible family. I think she is the first person I met who made motherhood look fun and exciting….in a genuine way. I met her in my single days, and we have remained friends for a long time! It did my heart good to visit with her.

Being away was wonderful, but as always, it was so great to get home. I got home Saturday night and went to get my kids on Sunday before we picked Brett up at the airport. For the first time since Caleb’s first birthday, I got to sleep in and wake up when I wanted to. I cannot overstate how nice that was! I am so happy to be home, and I love being a mom and a wife again. Even the happenings of this morning could not derail my excitement!!

And on a totally superficial side note…..I went shopping before I left for my trip. I got the CUTEST purse and fall jacket from TJ Maxx. My purse is the style I have been wanting for awhile. The jacket retails at $360.00, and I got it for $40. It is adorable and stylish (two words that rarely describe my fashion).

Well, I think I should probably go sanitize my home.


2 Responses to “(Insert Catchy Title Here)”

  1. Michele Says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! And yay for a bargain – that will make you smile all day long šŸ™‚

  2. Kara Says:

    Thanks for visiting my site…I think your knobs would be fine, even with the different texture in the middle. My husband sprayed my towel hooks, which had glossy knobs and a sort of textured metal handle and they look great. MOPS sounds really neat and I’ve been dreaming of a weekend away to just refresh myself so thanks for reminding me it’s a good thing to do:)

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