I planned on breaking my promise not to write about the yuckiness that has been our family this week. I actually wrote two paragraphs about it, then realized that writing about it does not change it. And who wants to hear about it? I will say this is the weirdest bug they have ever had. It is very mild, yet keeps biting at random times. Both were fine most of the week. Tuesday and today were bad days. Strange.

But in other news that is way more exciting…..I thought I would record some happenings of my kids….
– Chloe can say one word, and that word is “up”. She pulls my legs and says, “Up, up, up” until I pick her up. She likes to be held all day everyday, so I hear this word quite often.

– We never taught Chloe sign language, but she made up her own. She claps when she is “all done”. When she wants “more”, she does her hands sort of like a crab (all four fingers together and sort of clapping her thumb on each hand). I am not explaining it well, but it is so cute.

– When Caleb has a bad attitude, we send him to his room until he “gets happy”. It is not in time out. He can do whatever he wants (play, read, etc). He can rejoin the family when he has a happy heart. The other day, I put him down for a nap. He was crying a few minutes later, which is unusual, so I went to check on him. He said, “Happy, Mommy, happy.” I guess he did not realize it was nap time! Kids learn quick!

– It has long been documented that Caleb loves playing the guitar. A couple of days ago, we were watching something as a family, and there was a band playing. Caleb said, “Guitar? Guitar?”, then went to find his guitar. He brought it back to play along with the band.

– Caleb loves to lead Chloe in worship. He plays and sings “Jesus Loves Me” and “King of Glory” (an adult worship song) for her! So cute. He also sings “Happy Birthday”, so maybe he does not quite grasp the concept :).

– Caleb learned his first Bible verse: “I am with you always” (Matthew 28:20). He says the whole verse normally, then gets very excited about “always”.

– Chloe loves to snuggle before she goes to sleep. It is one of my most favorite times of the way. She buries her head in my chest. Oh, its sweet.

Well, Caleb fell asleep (poor guy feels yucky). I am going to sanitize some toys šŸ™‚


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  1. Kirstin Says:

    Hi! It’s been awhile since I stopped by. I’ve had a few minutes here and there to post on my blog, but not much time to visit and comment on others. Ugghhh! Praying all is going well for you guys. Love hearing of all the things going on in your kid’s lives. Mine are now 12 (almost 13) and 9 and I forget all those cute things they did when they were that little. I have a video of my oldest when she was about 2 or 3 singing Shout to the Lord.

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