My Carbon Footprint Just Got A Bit Larger

Cleaning windows and blinds is my least favorite house chore ever. Which would explain why today was the second time in almost four years that my windows are clean.

As with most decisions, I randomly decided to clean my blinds and windows today. They were, in a word, nasty. A half of bottle of Pledge and Windex later, I am done. And I have clean windows. And lungs full of chemicals. But my windows are clean. Til at least this afternoon. With two children, windows are pretty much finger print havens. I love my kids more than clean windows, so I can live with that :).

I am a bit embarrassed to admit it has been so long since my windows were clean, but I hate it that much. I am really glad my house is not any bigger, because I would really be in trouble! I am at my cleaning capacity in this house. But, we plan to live in this house as long as we live in KC (which is indefinitely!). I actually love my house. In a world of constantly wanting bigger and better, I love my house and would be quite content to never move!

I have some home projects in the back of my mind. I want to replace our ceiling fans. I also want to spray paint our drawer/cabinet pulls (is that what they’re called?). We have ugly brassy ones. I have never liked them, and I read on a blog recently that you could just spray paint them!
We are so swamped, though, that none of this will take place anytime soon!

Well, I am going to eat lunch while Chloe is napping…..


One Response to “My Carbon Footprint Just Got A Bit Larger”

  1. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Loved the title of this. Did you clean the outside too? Please tell me you just cleaned the inside of them. And, if you saw my blinds, you would know it isn’t a chore I relish either.

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