Just Call Me Bob Villa

So, my home improvement project that I did not have time for got pushed to the front of my agenda. Because I am impulsive.

Instead of going for it and spray painting my kitchen drawer and cabinet pulls, I decided to start in the bathrooms. (Plus, I want to get coordinating ceiling fans in the kitchen and living room, so that will take planning).

For a $4 project, I am rather pleased with the results. I am most excited that I no longer have to look at my ugly white brass pulls. Except for in my kitchen. Where I spend the most time.

Here you go, friends…..





As you can tell, I did not paint the hinges. They are really hard to get on and off, so I did not want to bother. Plus, they did not match in the first place, and I never noticed until now.

To complete this home project, I bought a can of spray paint. I took the pulls off, of course. I bought the disposable skewers (located near cooking utensils), stuck them in the ground outside, and sprayed. That way, there was little mess!

I actually stole this from Eskimo Kisses, so you can get a better tutorial from her šŸ™‚

And, now, I can get back to things that actually need to be done.


3 Responses to “Just Call Me Bob Villa”

  1. Kirstin Says:

    Great idea. I just did that to some dresser knobs for the girls. My inlaws gave me a dresser for the girls new room and it was realy old. So we sanded it, painted it and I sprayed the knobs silver. It’ll work for now. It’s a really old dresser and I’m not sure how much longer it’ll last.

  2. Kelley Sawyer Says:

    LOVE THIS! Such a little thing makes a huge difference! On to the kitchen! great work!

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