As Of Late

A lot is happening around here. The most exciting news of the day is that my brother-in-law has a girlfriend. I have not met her yet, but she seems like a gem. The reason this is notable is that he has not dated (to my knowledge) since I have known him (about 5 years). I am not sure why he has not dated, but he just hasn’t. So the fact he has and admits he has a girlfriend is exciting!! I have long wanted him to date someone….for his sake but also so I could have someone my age to hang out with at family functions. The relationship is new, but I am really happy for them!!

We took a family field trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday. It was super fun, but my camera battery was very low. I only got a few pictures. I have not uploaded them yet, though.

Brett and I saw Fireproof last night. As expected, the acting was not the best ever, but the movie was really good. I love the message and the truthfulness of it. Even though I am happy in my marriage, it was still very inspiring.

A few weeks ago, both of my kids were at hard stages. Just whining a lot. Well, in the last week, things have changed a lot. They are so much more content and are happier! Which, in turn, has made my attitude improve. I am so thankful!! I was beginning to feel like a horrible mom.

I am not sure if I have noted this, but Chloe is officially walking. It is amazing how much more grown kids look when they stand up.

As I have stated enough, this is the first time in a long time I have not been pregnant or nursing. I must say that I am very much enjoying the break!! Not having to worry about what I am eating/drinking is nice. Not that I am super careful, anyway, but last night, I could drink as much soda at the movies as I wanted, without worrying how the caffeine/fake sugar would effect my baby! I know I should probably be worried about myself, but I am not.

Well, that is not true. I have been eating better and exercising. It actually has felt quite good to get back into exercising!! I am not loving it, of course, but I do like the results.

I have to let you in on a little secret. I bought some Spanx yesterday. I found them on ebay for a good price (they are new, not used) and want to try them out. I hear they work body miracles. Even with working out, I could use a little help. Brett sweetly assured me I did not need them, but I let him in on the fact that since we plan to have more kids, I need all the help I can get. Spanx are way cheaper than a tummy tuck! I guess that is something one should not admit, but fortunately for me, only like 4 people read this!

I am not sure this post could get any more random. I probably should quit while I am ahead. Not that the topics discussed so far would put me ahead.

Have a great week!! If I look 10 pounds thinner next week, just pretend it is the exercise and not the Spanx :).


5 Responses to “As Of Late”

  1. Hope Mabry Says:

    Oh, I need to check out Spanx. I hate the um, extra tummy that now adorns me. πŸ™‚

    So glad that your kids have been more happy this week. It makes ALLLLLL the difference in the world when you don’t feel like you’re being whined at all day!

  2. Kati Says:

    hmmm, I’m about to have a baby…..looks like some spanx might be in my foreseeable future!

  3. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Loved the comments on the Spanx. Your husband is right. You don’t need it! But, if it makes you feel better….

  4. Kirstin Says:

    THat’s so funny. If you pop over to my blog and read in the last weeks posts you’ll see that I joined a Biggest Loser group at our church. I am so sore! You’ll definately have to share how the Spanx worked (C:

  5. Michele Says:

    So I had to post a comment – cause now you know there are at least FIVE people who are reading your blog and know about your Spanx πŸ™‚

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