It’s Been Awhile…..

So will someone please tell me where October went?  Because I am fairly certain it just started.  And now its over.  I have no clue where it went, but it has been a really awesome month.  I love fall.  I love Halloween (gasp, I did not use the word Harvest Celebration…I just call it what it is).  I love that Christmas starts in just a couple of weeks.  I also love that Christmas is a month long celebration.  I am positive that celebrating Jesus is worth it.  

I have had a full month.  This will be a long, sporadic post.  But I mostly blog for my own keepsake, as I have mentioned before.  

I have the cutest conversation with Caleb the other day.  Let me start by saying that he is in toddler love with his friend, Elise.  He always wants to go to her house.  He just smiles at the sound of her name.  It is so precious.  Elise’s mom and I are good friends, so we see her a lot.    
The other day, we were talking about Elise.  Caleb said “I love Elise.”  We had the following conversation:
Me: Do you think Elise is cute?
Caleb: No, Cam
Me: Camryn (Elise’s) sister is cute?
Caleb: No, Mommy’s cute. (said with a smile)

I know it will be a short lived period where my son calls me cute, so I am eating it up!  For the record, Camryn and Elise are both darling and the cutest girlies!  

Caleb is talking so much more now.  He repeats a lot of what we say and has started asking, “why?”  He is so hilarious.  He constantly says, “Mommy, watch this!” and does something silly.  I love it.  We have trouble keeping him in his room at night.  We have tried everything, and the kid can figure a way out.  It is actually quite impressive.  He is still a great sleeper, though, so I cannot complain.  

Chloe is getting cuter by the day.  Her only real word (besides Dada and Mama) is “up”, which totally encompasses her personality.  The snuggler loves to be held, by me, as much as possible.  She is getting more independent, though, and loves to play.  Chloe smiles so much and is just so sweet. 

I love the stage my kids are at right now.  They are hilarious, entertaining, sweet, loving, wonderful!  

Two of my highlights from this month were going to the pumpkin patch (Johnson Farms) and trick or treating today.  The pumpkin patch has live animals, and Caleb was so into it.  He even wanted his picture by them.  
Today, we took the kiddos trick or treating at the mall (outdoor).  It was super fun, and Caleb was mega amped on sugar this evening.  He rarely eats candy, so his body must have been in shock.  As I mentioned, I love Halloween, so I let him indulge today!  Chloe was dressed as a ladybug (and enjoyed her lollipop!), and Caleb was a dalmatian.  Until someone thought he was a cow, then he became a cow (his decision!).  

I did some home improvements today.  I will post about those later, when I have pictures!  I love the results, but I have one more thing to do before I am done.  Expect that soon.  

Well, I guess I should go to bed.  It has been a great day today!  Hope your Halloween Harvest Celebration was great!


One Response to “It’s Been Awhile…..”

  1. Michele Says:

    Girl – I’m with you on that – just call it what it is – Halloween!!

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