I spent 8 days at my parents’ house. Brett’s family comes up there each year for a hunting trip. They do not have internet that far out in the country, so I was without the ability to update my blog. I know you were so sad.

But I am back.

It took me a few days to enter back into the real world. I had a lot to do the last few days, and I still do not feel back in my normal routine. True to myself, I have done really random things that have contributed to my inability to feel in a routine.

I put up my Christmas tree today. Caleb helped me. He was so cute. My tree is definitely decorated with the fact I have two toddlers. All of the breakable ornaments are at the top, and there are only a few ornaments at their level. It looks lopsided, but most of our ornaments are sentimental….and I do not want them broken.

Brett’s grandma bought him an ornament each year. His mom gave them to us when we got married. It was definitely one of my most favorite gifts ever. Added to that are a few ornaments from my childhood Christmases. We started the same tradition in our family. Brett and I bought each other ornaments our first Christmas. Since then, I buy a family ornament. Then, I buy each of my children an ornament that shows what they’re into that year. I am limited on my choices because I buy ornaments you can put a photo in. This year Caleb’s is a race car, and Chloe’s says “princess” (because she is our little princess). Caleb likes cars, trains, etc. I wish I could have found a train, but they did not have one. I knew these ornaments would be meaningful eventually, but I underestimated how much seeing the past 3 years of ornaments bring back so many memories. While hanging them, it was fun to think back… the Christmas we were engaged, the next one I was married and pregnant with Caleb, the next I was already pregnant with Chloe (but did not know it), and then last one was with two kids. I cannot imagine what it will be like in a decade from now.

I also ordered my Christmas cards. I won a $50 gift card to in an online giveaway. You can check out my actual card here. She changed the names, as you can see. Christmas cards are my favorite, but I usually have to be super cheap with them. You can imagine my excitement to get awesome cards for free!!!!! The best part is that the owner sends proof after proof until you get exactly what you want. Poor thing, I changed my order like 6 times.

I love the Christmas season. It just feels so cozy and fun. I like the decor. I do not go too overboard in my own home. Partially, because I do not have much decor…but I also do not have many places to put decor. I do not have much wall space or countertops or shelves. A lot of Christmas stuff is breakable, so that is out. I have a cute Nativity scene, but I know the pieces would be lost the first day I put it up. Unfortunately, my ability to decorate is pretty limited. However, I do love everyone else’s decorations.
Oh, this is funny. As part of our marriage, Brett and I had to go through pre-marital counseling (which was super helpful). We had to talk about holiday expectations. One thing he said is that he would never put up Christmas lights on the outside of the house. It was because he saw his dad struggle through it every year… was too much work for a few weeks! I do not mind. I am so cheap that I always think “wow, their light bill must be so high in December”. But I do love to look at lights!

I also love Christmas parties and all the fun stuff like that!

We have a few traditions in our family. I started them because I like traditions. One of them is that my kids wake up in their own house on Christmas. No matter where we travel, we are always home on Christmas. When I first started it, people said I was making a mistake because Christmas is boring with just your immediate family. I totally disagree. I love the calmness and togetherness of having just our little family of four. We are not in a hurry to get anywhere. No schedule to keep. We take our time opening presents, playing with them, etc. We do not have family in town, so we either have to be home all day Christmas or not at all.

This year, I am going to make a birthday cake for Jesus and CELEBRATE!! When putting up the tree, I told Caleb about Jesus’ birth. When Brett came home, Caleb told him, “This is Jesus tree.”

What traditions do you have??

This is getting long, and I did not even write much about my trip.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving….also known as the National Day of Eating.


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