Tidbits of Wisdom

In the last few months, I have been on a quest of change. A very shallow change. I did not want to become a frumpy mom, but I was well on my way. Though I am definitely nowhere near being a fashion icon (and I still wear sweats at home), I have learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. I am going to pass on information that I thought may be useful to the world. These are a bunch of random tidbits of information. Some regarding fashion; some not. Consider a bunch of “Works for Me Wednesdays” in one post.

1. A cute trenchcoat looks good on everyone and can dress up an outfit very easily. Even if you are wearing tennis shoes and a ponytail, it makes you look a lot nicer.

(Which brings us to 2)
2. Shoes make all the difference in the world. My new plan is to buy nice shoes at 75% off. As best I can tell, Dillard’s has their summer clearance the day after Labor Day, and their winter clearance on Valentines. They have really great shoes, but they are very expensive….unless they’re 75% off. Target actually has some super cute shoes on clearance right now. I have started wearing heels more often (though not to run errands, etc), and they really are a lot cuter. And honestly not that uncomfortable, especially if you buy nice ones (on clearance).

3. Also, speaking of a ponytail, I heard on Oprah that it is best to wear a high ponytail. Something about it bringing up your face. I sort of felt like a high school cheerleader at first, but now I agree I do look better with a higher ponytail.

4. Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out of clothing.

5. Pre-soaking clothes in Oxyclean (I got a knock off at the dollar store that I think works just as well) gets stains out better.

6. Find out what clothes fit your body style the best and wear that. These jeans from Old Navy do not cost too much, and I get the most compliments when I wear them. Obviously, I do not lose and gain weight in a day…..so apparently the fit is good for my body.

7. This type of blush is supposedly good for most skin colors. It blends better than traditional blush. I got some at Target for probably $6.

8. When you leave the house, at least put on mascara and lip gloss. It will improve you.

9. Self tanner (aka tan in a can) does wonders. Some brands are more subtle than others. Ones that are actually for your face are typically more subtle. I have been using one that is actually for the body (but using it on my face). It is more dramatic, but it lasts longer. I only use it on my face and neck (in the winter).

10. And, in conclusion of my wisdom from one who is arguably nowhere near the point of giving wisdom, I feel like I should end with something cheesy like smile and have good posture. Those seem to help. Unless you feel odd randomly smiling. Or you are like me and are more comfortable to slump. So instead my last tidbit is to shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Yes, you do actually have to look through the clothes, but, girlies, it is worth it. My current trenchcoat had an original pricetag of $400. I paid $40. I think that is like 90% off. They often have BCBG with $200 pricetags for $30. Contrary to some myths, the clothes do not have imperfections (if an item does, it will clearly say). Usually, they are overruns or last season. But, last season in NYC is like two seasons from now in Kansas (joking, sort of).

Well, there you have it. My top ten ways to improve with very little effort.

This is my 99th post, which means the proverbial 100 Things About Me List will be coming soon. Stay tuned. I think I may have misused proverbial but I could not think of the proper word.


7 Responses to “Tidbits of Wisdom”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I loved your tidbits of wisdom! And I loved all the links to fun things!

  2. sjbraun Says:

    I love these! Simple tips, but good reminders to me. I’m off to put on mascara and lip gloss …

  3. Gretchen Fagan Says:

    I have to say, I am a fan of the high ponytail. I too feel a bit like a cheerleader but since I never was one, and always wanted to be one, I can vicariously “live” through my high ponytail as an adult 🙂

  4. Wanda Says:

    So….wise! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Kirstin Says:

    Great tips!!! You are very right!

  6. Angela Says:

    Great job! I tend to give lots of fashion tips on my blog. I have an infrequent Sassy Shoe Thursday, that used to be a lot more frequent, but life just goes like that. I’m not completely sure why I do so many posts on fashion, except that women need to embrace things that make them feel good. We tend to buy the cheap clothes that are a bit frumpy because we want to save money, when we could just as well by the cheap clothes that are cute. Women feel like they need to be given permission to want to look good. God made us to desire beauty, and as long as priorities are in order, it’s okay to desire ourselves to be beautiful! Another good tip? Hoop earrings. With anything. Dress? Snazzy. Jeans and tee? Fun. Velour sweatsuit? Pulled together. It just works.

  7. claire Says:

    I love your tidbits! You are adorable…I love the vulnerability you display on your blog. I’m working on mine, but haven’t had many interesting thins to say! I loved your 100 things post and think if we lived in the same place we would be great friends ;o) but more importantly, what kind of sunless tanner are you using? My sister’s wedding is on December 30th … I’m the MOH in a black dress and could seriously use some color!

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