100 Things

Today is the day. I have reached my 100th post. This is like my 4th blog address, so I am actually well beyond 100 posts. However, I thought I would celebrate my milestone on this blog.

Here is the 100 Things About Me That You Probably Never Wanted To Know…..

1. I wholeheartedly love my life and am so thankful to God for how amazing He is.

2. I am 100% convinced I married way out of my league.

3. If it is possible, I am more in love and adore Brett more today than when we got married. Life with him is the best!

4. Brett and I plan to have four children. Most people think we’re crazy, but I cannot imagine having less children than that.

5. Sometimes when I am pregnant, I feel guilty that I do not appreciate it more. I AM very thankful, but I complain a lot (I have rough pregnancies….sickness wise, not complications).

6. I have had to have c-sections and get very annoyed when people say, “I wish I would have had a c-section. It would have been so much easier.” I know vaginal deliveries are no walk in the park, but c-sections are not the easy way out. Childbirth is childbirth. It’s painful. Drugs help, of course, but those wear off eventually.

7. I absolutely positively love being a stay at home mom (I dreamed of this job since I was a child). Even when I went to college, my parents were well in the know that I never planned to use my degree.

8. My dream is to be a very talented photographer!

9. And write a book.

10. I have to have a glass of ice water next to me every night when I go to bed.

11. And when I drive in the car. Actually pretty much all the time.

12. You know how some people cannot eat foods because of texture? Well, I am not like that with food, but I am that way with my feet. Some textures on my feet freak me out (the biggest one: cheap rugs).

13. I do not have any good luck charms, or anything that I think brings bad luck. Consequently, I do not believe in luck. But I still use the word a lot!

14. I drink a Diet Coke (almost) everyday at 11 am. Some people call it an addiction. I chose to call it a little slice of heaven. (And even though I drink it from a can at home, I much prefer fountain drinks)

15. In my mind, a road trip is not complete unless I stop for a fountain soda.

16. I am one of six children.

17. Four of us are biological siblings. My sister is adopted. And my parents raised my cousin (so he is my brother).

18. I always loved having a big family and never wanted to be an only child. (My mom is one of 9. She says she prayed everyday to be an only child!)

19. It is really funny to see people’s reactions when they find out Lylia is my sister (not my daughter). For some reason, people are quick to understand if a parent is white and the child is Asian. But the age gap is harder to understand. Which I think means our country’s mindsets are changing.

20. The texture of wooden spoons really grosses me out.

21.  I have this weird thing with food.  Sometimes it is hard for me to eat food that I prepared myself, but I could eat the exact thing if someone else made it.  

22.  It is because the sliminess/smell/look of uncooked things sometimes grosses me out.  Once cooked, I am not very picky.  

23. I am really sensitive. I probably cry a few times a week. Sometimes because I am sad. But a lot of times because I am happy. Or watch sentimental commercials.

24. But for some reason, crying embarrasses me (I do not like the attention), so Brett is usually the only person I cry around.

25.  I feel like I have way too many weird idiosyncrasies, but I think we all have them.    

26. When Brett and I sleep, we do not touch. At all. Ever. We both prefer it that way.

27. I hate when women refer to grown men as boys.

28. I enjoy writing hand written notes to people. Though e-mail is great for a lot of communication, to me, few things are better than a real note of encouragement.  

29. I love talking about relationships. I thought this would change when I got married, but I still think it is so fun talking with single girls about that aspect of their life!

29. At night, I would rather stay home than go out (most of the time).

30. But I do like to get out of the house during the day.

31. I love salsa, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, etc, but I despise tomatoes (whole or chunky).  

32.  I prefer ketchup at room temperature.  

33. I am a warm natured person (meaning that I do not get cold easily).

34. The first time my husband and I kissed on the lips was on our wedding day when the pastor said, “Brett, you may kiss your bride.” (We had kissed each other’s cheeks and forehead).

35. Looking back, that standard was probably unnecessary, but I do think it will be a neat story to tell our children.

36. When our kids are of age, Brett plans to give them their purity talk. As a teen, purity talk from a man impacted me way more than all the ones I heard from women.  (I will give our girl(s) the anatomy portion of the talk).  

37. My children are allowed to watch TV. And to be honest, Caleb has learned quite a bit from certain shows. I hear him responding to their questions. I, of course, teach him, too, but I think TV can be useful (or maybe I am justifying it LOL).

38. I am really weird about house chores. When I’m doing laundry, I find every piece of dirty clothing in the house before starting. On trash day, I have to find every piece of trash in the house. It bugs me to have “leftovers” of that chore. I know, I’m weird.

39. I typically wear a watch. And we have a lot of clocks in our house. For some reason, knowing the time is really important to me.

40. Giving money/gifts/time to others is, to me, one of life’s greatest joys.

41. When I was in high school and college, I would watch movies while studying. I liked the background noise, but I would watch movies I had seen lots of times so that I would not actually watch it.

42. Among those movies: With Honors, Reality Bites, Someone Like You, Indian Summer, Dirty Dancing, Dumb and Dumber, Legally Blonde
43. It is hard for me to sit through a movie without doing something. At the theater, I have to at least have a soda. At home, I usually check my email or something like that.

44. In high school, I did not drink any sort of coke or eat fried foods (except fried rice).

45. I used to call soft drinks “coke” (generic); now I call them sodas. I have no idea why I changed.

46. I love home improvement projects. I lack skills, however.

47. I probably have the quickest gag reflex of anyone I know. Brett jokingly says that if the wind blows wrong, I puke.

48. A lot of things gross me out to the point of puking, but the biggest offender is motion sickness (cars, planes, carousels, anything that moves). But I LOVE LOVE LOVE roller coasters. Go figure.

49. When I was pregnant with Caleb, I figured out that I puked over 1200 times in five months. I was VERY sick. It was not as bad with Chloe, thankfully.

50. If I told people the expectations I have for my life, most people would probably think I am crazy.

51. Mostly because my interpretation of the Bible is quite extreme, in most people’s eyes (I am not a heretic. My views are Biblically sound.)

51. I do not like to clap. It hurts my hands.

52. I really enjoy watching Florida State football.

53. I went to Florida State because I wanted warmer weather. I do not actually like hot weather, but going to FSU was the greatest decision!

54.  I blog mostly to keep a lighthearted journal.  I actually do print off my posts (about 3-4 times a year, I do it all at once).

55.  I do not keep a real journal.   

56. This is the number I have used in my email for a really long time. My first AOL e-mail was “SarahC55” (which I had in junior high). 55 was insignificant; I randomly picked it. When my mom changed our account, I had to change my e-mail to “SarahC56”. And I had that email for years and years…..actually, until I dropped the C and added W. My sister used to call me “C-56”. At times, I use Brett’s football # for things, just to switch things up.

57. I am a creature of habit. I have generally the same routine everyday. I order the same thing at restaurants.

58. In college, I dressed really bad. Usually wearing t-shirts (not the cute kind) and tennis shoes. About a year ago, I decided to reinvent my outer self. Though I am not the best dresser, my fashion has improved.

59. I have experienced the truth that doing what you love is worth way more than all the money in the world.

60. I am typically a rule follower.

61. Unless I do not see the point in the rule. Such as ill-placed stop signs, most airline rules, etc.

62. The fact that I think some rules do not apply to me drives my husband nuts. In fairness, I do not think they should apply to anyone; I do not think I am special.

63. I am deathly afraid of frogs.

64.  I am also afraid of birds.

65.  And squirrels.  And rodents.  

66.  Animals, obviously, are not my thing!  

67. One thing that really bothers me is that when moms say they do not have time to shower (at least most days).

68. Showering daily is something I do not miss.

69. I had straight hair my entire life. Until I got pregnant with Chloe. The same week I got pregnant, my hair turned curly and has stayed that way ever since.

70. I am not a germophobe, but I do like things neat.

71. I love to clean, but my house is not immaculately clean (or anything close).

72. Brett’s college number. I did not fall in love with him until after he had graduated, but when we started dating, I went back through my college scrapbooks…and I had kept a number of things (advertisements, magazines, etc) with him on it. Just randomly.

73. This is not about me, really, but Brett was a part of 3 National Championship teams (he started and played in two of the games) in college. He won one.

74. Brett’s pro number. If you have not been to a game at Arrowhead, you are missing out. Its a fun experience.

75. I am fairly shy, by nature, but once I know someone, I love to talk.

76. Because that is my nature to like things orderly (though, let it be known that my house is in chaos most days!), it is hard for me to understand how people do not like order. (Not in a judging way, as I married a man who does not crave order. It is just interesting to me.)

77. On the same (but opposite) subject, I love how we are all so unique and different. I think it would be fun to live as someone else for a day, just to see how different we truly are!

78. Brett and I often use humor as a coping mechanism to diffuse stress.

79. I sometimes think of really witty things to say, but my delivery is really bad….so I withhold…unless I am with Brett. Then I will whisper it to him, and he will deliver the goods.

80. I do not like pretzels.

81. I nursed both of my kids for a full year, but I am not passionate about breastfeeding. It was easy (for me) and free.

82. I used to debate parenting styles with my sister. Though we still parent differently, I have become more like her (and I am glad for that).

83. I do not fear what the teenage years will be like for my children. I have high hopes of what God will do in their hearts before then.

84. I am not naive. I just have a lot of hope in a big God. And I pray a lot.

85. And if I have to eat my words, I humbly will. But I refuse to give into the fear.

86. My two favorite TV shows are “How I Met Your Mother” and “The Office”.

87.  I also am enjoying “The Mentalist”.  

88. I have a secret desire to be a detective. I feel I am fairly observant, and I am developing my skills by watching The Mentalist. I sometimes figure out who did it.

89. I am semi-obsessed with the psychology of personality. Why people act the way the do. Birth order. Temperaments. Love languages. Etc.

90. I think if everyone understood these things that the world would function must better.

91. My kids’ names both start with “C”, but that was totally unplanned. We will not use C names in the future, though there are a few I like.

92. I picked out Chloe’s name when I was 12 years old. I had a camp counselor named Chloe, and from then on, I always wanted to name my daughter Chloe.

93. I spelled Chloe without the accent. I knew a girl once who insisted her name have an accent mark. It was slightly annoying, and I did not want my daughter to be that girl.

94. I have always wanted to be on a game show.

95. But if I lost, I would be so frustrated that it probably would not be worth it. (Which I know is lame)

96. I like to talk, but I do not like to talk on the phone.

97.  I am a night owl.  So is Brett.  If we are asleep by 11, it is an early night.  

98.  I take about 30 minutes to truly wake up.  Which is why I am so thankful for cartoons 🙂

99. My favorite foods are sushi, chips and salsa, and pizza.

100.  I started writing this post like 2 months ago.  I saw that I was nearing my 100th post, but I knew I would not be able to think of things!


4 Responses to “100 Things”

  1. Kelly Bell Says:

    WOW! I am so impressed that you came up with all of that. I think I would have a hard time. Thanks for sharing so much. We are alike in so many ways…wish you lived closer so we could hang out! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. ashlie Says:

    Ok reading this just made me realize how much we are alike. I laughed out loud muliple times at your second number 51…you had 2, when you said “I do not like to clap, it hurts my hands” it was so random and off topic and I don’t think I have EVER heard anyone say that or even think it….I loved it.

    I also liked the animal bit…..your scared of FROGS and BIRDS! HAHAHAHAHAHa

  3. Shannon Says:

    That was actually really fun to read! I thought 100 things would be too much for me but obviously you have 100 things to talk about (although I like your disclaimer that you began writing this a few month ago). 🙂

  4. Kelley Sawyer Says:

    Ok Sarah- I should have commented the day I read this- but I didn’t realize then how incredible this post was. Since I read this- I have thought about it often- thinking “If I were to write 100 things about me, what would I write?” And it’s then that I marvel at your creativity- I am just much more boring- all I can think to write is… I am married. I don’t like dogs. I like pink. I like chocolate. etc, etc.

    You are an AWESOME writer!! way to go! thanks for sharing- and also- thanks for challenging me to be more interesting!

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