Potty Talk

I realize no one wants to hear about my child’s potty adventures. But I want to remember one day that potty training is not as easy as I will remember it being 20 years from now.

We are making progress!! Yesterday (Day 1) was full of accidents. I actually had supernatural patience, but the day creeped by. Caleb was making progress….slowly. Today was a turning point. Around lunchtime, he started going in the potty. And he has had two accidents since (once at nap; once while playing by himself….I broke the rule to follow him around all day).
So we are on our way. It is starting to click. My training guide says day 3 should be the breakthrough day. So we shall see. I went cold turkey….he has not had a diaper on since yesterday morning. Everyone kept giving that advice, which is tough for me…..because it would just be easier to put on a diaper for naps/bedtime. But I keep reminding myself its just a few days of hard….then we are diaper free.

Chloe has not had a pacifier since Christmas day. She is not taking to it all that well, but I think she may be teething. The funny thing is that she did not really care for her pacifier until about 6 months. She cries some during the night, but she falls asleep fairly easily.

Between Caleb’s late night accidents and Chloe missing her pacifier, it has been a rough day or two. But God has given me grace (and a super husband), and we are surviving.

Potty training is the one thing I have feared for a long time, so it feels good to be getting it over with.

On a different note……
Have I blogged about Christmas morning?? Caleb was way into it, which is just awesome. When I took down the tree yesterday, he said, “Did Santa take the tree to his house?” We really did not talk about Santa much, so it was cute to see what he picked up on. He LOVES his gift, as well as Chloe’s. They have been playing with the doll house non-stop. The power wheel has not got as much use because its really cold outside. We did go out for awhile today, but Caleb was a little nervous to drive it.

Chloe had a fun Christmas, too, but she just was not as into it. She is hilarious, though. The faces she makes lately and her smile are just awesome.

I just feel more blessed each day to have my beautiful babies. They are so fun.

Oh, Brett got me a super cute outfit from Express. For once, I will actually have a trendy outfit!

I got his Chiefs jersey framed, as well as his team picture from his rookie year. He liked it way more than I thought he would. He does not particularly like the shrine I have made of his football stuff, but he thought it was cool to see some Chiefs stuff mixed in with college stuff. Although the colors could not clash more if they tried. We went to Florida State, which is garnet and gold. And the Chiefs are red, yellow, and white.

Speaking of Brett, we were having a serious conversation the other night. I asked him what sort of questions he will ask guys who try (keyword: try) to date Chloe in the future. (One requirement we have for dating…in the distant future, of course…is that the person asking goes through an interview with Dad). He said, “My first question will be: Coffin or cremation?”

As you can see, nothing has changed.


2 Responses to “Potty Talk”

  1. micheleleigh Says:

    Awww – Daddies and their girls. I had one guy who dared to ask me on an actual car date. My dad GRILLED him for a solid 45 minutes. He never asked me out again :).

    And yes, you are crazy to lose the paci and attempt potty training at the same time!

  2. Lizz @ Yes, and So Is My Heart Says:

    Oh my, that last bit had me laughing!

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